A thread about rain and no other things

part of my house flooded in last weeks downpour, so i’m expecting some really good times this weekend. rock on.

flat roofs with box gutters are the best.


One can only hope.


Easter 1970 was a rain event, when a chicken coop floated through my back yard I upped stakes and drove to Adelaide to watch the practice game at Thebarton Oval when the players were on strike.
This one may equal it.

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Short tour.

Also, the countdown is on officially until Cory Bernadi blames the gay marriage vote.


adios Anglers Tavern


12mm in Port Fairy so far.

I’ve got to drive to Portland tomorrow morning, and then to Melbourne for the weekend. I think I’ll to go the Hamilton Highway to Melbourne.

The media hype and BOM forecasts (which could be right this time) has caused Hume city to stand down outside contractors tomorrow. Will be either a great piece of foresight or an act of going a bit early. This means a get a day off tomorrow , without pay, being a casual!!

I’ve got a training session for wildlife rescue in heatwaves scheduled on Saturday, and Sunday I was planning to burn off.

Ever get the feeling the universe is just ■■■■■■■ with your head?

Told our staff to work from home tomorrow. Better than having them travel in and out if it is as bad as expected. I live one house and a street away from Kananook creek. Anyone know if it’s broken banks before?

I told mine they are expected in.


I hacked Beastie’s e-mail account and told all his staff that there’s a massive storm party at his place and they should all bring a giant novelty inflatable pool toy so they can float down Kananook creek after it inevitably breaks its banks.

Also, beastie, I told them you were putting on a keg. You’re welcome.


Here comes Lorainne again, falling on my head like a mammory… falling on my head like a new emoticon…


I’ll be catching up with Claire Leigh after the rain stops.

Or after Lorraine leaves.

As in “I can see Claire Leigh now Lorraine has gone”


I can’t stand Lorraine.
Against my window,


Nothing to do with the rain, but…

“You took a fine time to leave me loose wheel…”

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I absolutely love The Commitments version of this song.

For the umpteenth time.

2 months of rain over the weekend. Most of it tomorrow.

Hard to get a guage on what to expect, I remember when they predicted an Arctic Vortex the day we played Melbourne at the G in 2015?

It went completely dark outside at midday for a bit but then rained only off and on but no different to a standard winters day.


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