A thread about rain and no other things


So apparently, tomorrow in Melbourne it’s going to rain a little bit or something? Anyone else heard anything about this? Everyone’s seems to be pretty casual about it.

Dumb Questions Amnesty

Rain? Tomorrow? Get. Out.


Apparently so. Bring your brolly to work kind of rain or just straight call in sick kind?


Bring your tinny and your tinnies.


Don Burke is asking for all women to wear tight white tops outside tomorrow


Seriously, people need to HTFU, rain?

It’ll be fine


Famous last words!


Get the Weather Channel app, gives local radar forecasts .
All west of Ballarat so far and none likely tonight.


Yep, as sure as I’m riding this bike.


Tour of Bright was cancelled.

Which I’m sure you’re all upset about.




I guarantee you multiple vehicles will try to drive under that South Melbourne bridge and end up floating.


And the Dudley St bridge at Festival Hall.


There’s a bit about.


Yep, … despite the number of times the news shows idiots getting stuck in water, and/or drowning,… there’ll always be a bunch of idiots that try to go through it,… always!


Hey btw, … it’s not just Rain, … it’s a Rain EVENT!


Might be worth tossing a few lures through it.


Bound to hook an idiot on a Boogie Board at least …


I love a good Event.


That’s just what the rain wants you to think