AAMI Community Series - Bombers vs Saints @ Marvel Stadium - some date, some year. Blitz pls

All of the war talk on this forum has become too depressing. There is an actual game tomorrow night.

Jones, Baldwin & Wanganeen all playing in the same forward line. LETS DO THIS!!!

Get pumped


Where’s the team?


Even better, it’s tomorrow night!


Friday 5.30 apparently.


Fark. My bad. HAHAHA!!!


A nice interview with the coach just before the season starts:

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I see St Kilda being a team that could make a move this season… I think they are likely going to be in that ‘bracket’ with us so keen to see how we go, particularly in the first half, tomorrow night. I know Saints lost to FC in the praccy but I think they will look to step it up again 2 weeks out from the season.

With this being the only warm up game in “proper” conditions… I expect teams to go pretty hard for at least a half.

Biggest question still has to be our forwardline… I think even the coaches don’t fully know what our best set up. I’d love to see Tex given the nod from the opening bounce and see what he can do. If he can’t put together 4 quarters then no chance for AFL call up… we have to have learnt from Hawks last year… can’t take half fit guys into games.

2 weeks out from season proper and the lid is way way way waaaaaaaaaaaay off!

From the the 26 players that played in the AFL last week I expect the following changes tonight:

OUT - Francis (sore), Kelly (concussion), Shiel (iso?)

IN - Ham, Durham, Bryan

Baldwin will play most of the game and I expect Wangeneen, Hobbs, Martin and Ham to only play a small part.

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No injuries. Anything else is a bonus.


Dons by 42 pts.

Dons by 74.
Pumped for the game to start.
Big Boi Baldwin to dominate, Tex to clean up any crumbs. Of course our forward line is an unknown quantity right now, and it will take time for all the disparate parts to meld, but there is excitement writ large on every line. Go Bombers.


We should use it as a proper dress rehearsal…. I.e only use 4 on the bench and have 4 reserves that only play if there is an injury.

We clearly weren’t fit enough in the early rounds last year so fix that up.

Team for tomorrow
B: J.Laverde 15 J.Stewart 17 T.Cutler 12
HB: N.Hind 19 J.Ridley 14 Z.Merrett 7
C: N.Cox 13 A.McGrath 1 D.Heppell - C 21
HF: W.Snelling 11 H.Jones 23 K.Baldwin 26
F: M.Guelfi 35 P.Wright 20 D.Smith 5
Foll: S.Draper 2 D.Parish 3 J.Caldwell 6
I/C: A.Perkins 16 M.Redman 27 K.Langford 4 B.Ham 33 N.Martin 47 B.Zerk-Thatcher 30 N.Bryan 24 B.Hobbs 8

Emerg: A.Waterman 45 S.Durham 22 D.Shiel 9 T.Wanganeen 43


Francis looks to be injured with Shiel the one being dropped



Martin over Tex due to fitness ?

There are only so many who can fit on the interchange bench.

It will be showing on Kayo. Woo hoo.


Draper, Wright and Bryan

Edit Just realised these are my initials BDW


First time we’ve put out a team with all realistic positions in a long long while