Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


We’re always inventing new work titles at Essendon. We’ll I think Dodoro’s should be:

“Head recruiter of blokes 195cms and taller”


Houlahan? Definitely had 28 possessions in a game last year. Also, he’s a forward, so picking up big numbers would be unlikely. Take Fantasia for example, excellent last year and never once had 20 or more possessions.


Houlahan may have a leap but I don’t think he’s overly quick or agile.


Mind you, he was likened pre draft to Jeremy Howe in game style and only cost pick 49. I’d take that.


I have no issue with the pick but I was a little surprised to see he wasn’t that quick for somebody of his size.

If he’s going to make it he better work on being a little cleaner below his knees. Fluffed a couple on the weekend and at AFL level it’s a prerequisite unless you are quick like Colyer.


Mate, he’s a freakin first year kid. Give him some time to develop ffs.


Calm down mate.

Somebody missed his afternoon nap :grinning:




That’s what a draft reviewer said. AFL Prospectus says he only once won 18 or more touches from 52 matches covered by Champion Data. Fantasia did that four times last year.


That’s incorrect on many levels, Houlahan got over 20 touches more than once and his tackle numbers where actually pretty decent


Also Guelfi, Zerk and Mynott played pretty ■■■■■■ well on the weekend ay?

I think a lot has to do with our development. Dodoro has turned the corner with inside mids considering he took Mutch and Clarke the year before and Mynott and Guelfi this year. Mutch and Guelfi may not be playing on the inside now but they spent plenty of time as inside mids at junior level


Im interested to see if Dan Richardson, who will be part of the list management team, will start asking tougher questions about this club’s drafting and recruitment strategies.

I hope we see some genuine changes in strategy.


If Dan Richardson sacks him it’ll breathe life into this football club again.


What’s your source?


A lot of duds in both of those drafts: some clubs didn’t even get a single 50 gamer.
Can’t pick talent that’s not there…


My eyes, watched him a few times and I’ve done my research on his stats. A lot of his low numbers would be from the fact he played as a goal square full forward rarely going out of the forward 50. He had surgery in October 2016 so he was underdone with his pre-season so obviously took awhile to get going. He played up the ground a few times for the SANFL reserves even starting at a few centre bounces and doing pretty well. He also tackles well and hard and you talk about natural footballers and he is a natural forward with an eye for goals, clean hands and a fantastic one on one player against kids his own size.


I’m pretty much shattered that our pick 49 doesn’t have as good a record as the kid who went pick 1.
He really should’ve done better there.



You’ve been called out here Windy.


The master of the straw man argument.


That’s all well and good. Not sure how that proves what I said is “incorrect on so many levels”.

My point is not that Houlihan isn’t a good prospect. It’s about Disco. He’s got a type. Good to hear we’ve picked up another lead-up forward with our first selection.