Ads on Discourse Blitz


I have setup “Groups” for Player Sponsors and Blitz Donators. People in those groups should not see ads.

But when I added you in bulk to those groups it did not change your ‘ad free’ settings. If you need I can remove and re-add you to remove ads.

Discourse are aware of this bug and are working on a fix.


Love isn’t always on time.


it’s bugging me!!!


The best way to kill off the ads, is to restart the hot chicks thread.


Fixed, please confirm.


I still see ads, but as you do no wrong I can live with it.

I am much more tolerant than Koala


Yep, soz Rolo, … logged out, & in again, … still ads.


Yep, still have them too.

Have tried logging out and back in, clearing history in Chrome.

But if it’s for the short term, and it gives just a bit more Rev$, I can live with it too.

Not too long though, Rolo… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ad’s seem to have vamoosed now …

Edit: Yep, … definitely goneski


Yep, gone. Cheers Rolo.

Great work BTW. I’ll shout you a beer at the inaugural BB end of season mad Monday.




I still see ads




Fork out more cash.

I’ll give you some bank details…


I see ads as well, not that I particularly care just saying :slight_smile:




Adblock please @Riolio


Done and done




I still see ads.