AFL boys supporting the VFL boys




da boyz


“This club is farked”


It turns out conjunctivitis causes brain damage.


I am outraged.

Anyone know any good travel sites?


Hey why are you overseas, checking up on our AFL superstars, when you could be supporting our VFL team in the finals


Would it have been nice for the senior players to be there cheering their VFL team mates on?

Sure - that would have been nice.

But is it a big deal? No. They have a narrow window of time to get some R&R. We don’t know their pre-season training schedules and whether they are going off early to come back earlier to do more pre-season or whatever. It’s their business to do what’s best for them as individuals.

Plus the VFL side are big boys. They are the team and they are the ones who are going to be there to support each other. And no doubt they’ll get plenty of support from the senior players.


Considering the B&F is in October they were really screwed for time.


of all the things to get worked up about…


This would not have have happened if Neeld was still around.


shock horror that these guys have a life.

close this $hit thread down please


No don’t close the thread. Lots of laughs.


The majority are still in the country ,arent they ? I bet they will all turn up for the GF ,if we make it and the ones overseas may even fly home early. There are more than 7 or 8 players in the team.
I agree the seniors should be supporting the seconds , after all , they are part of the same club and some of their team mates play in both grades. Get behind your mates. Go Bombers.




Might explain why we haven’t won a flag for 17 years, clearly clashes with the players holiday program.


Delist them all


I blame the saga, it taught the boys how good a European summer is.


I don’t think I’ve ever hit like on a bigger percentage of posts in a single topic.

This is thread of the year so far.


Ive found some footage of what they are upto



We’re all different. I’ve seen many AFL players at the VFL over the last year. I’ve seen Xavier Campbell once. I find that both strange and disappointing.