AFL boys supporting the VFL boys


I find it strange that a whole bunch of the AFL boys have taken off overseas despite the VFL team going so strongly and playing in a prelim this week.

I would have loved the whole Essendon contingent backing our boys in the prelim and hopefully the GF. Especially the majority of the leadership group.

Those i’ve seen overseas: Hooker, Bellcho, Merrett, Goddard, Heppell, Daniher, Myers, Dea, Colyer, Leuy, Myers.

Not good enough IMO.


Yeah let’s get the cult together




You must be racking up the frequent flyer points to have seen all those blokes overseas. How many countries have you been too?


At the end of the day it’s only our seconds team and these blokes have only a smallish window to head OS. Good on them I say


And to bump into Myers twice!


Sit in the sun on an island drinking a cold ale,or freeze ya ■■■■ off at in 11c and rain.



Maybe Myers is finally protecting the kids. Popping up at all the party spots.


Did they know before they booked their tickets that the VFL boys would be playing in a prelim? I think not. Ridiculous thread.


Slapping drinks out of underage kids’ hands.


Zaharakis was at the game last week


Well surely they didn’t book them too early considering they were hoping to still have games to play themselves at this stage of the year…

Not that I have any problems with them heading off on holidays, but it would have been nice if they could have waited till the whole club was finished for the season before jetting off.


What? Don’t you blokes hang around during your annual leave to see what the rest of your workmates are up to?


Goddard OS? Maybe we should delist.


What a sad post


The Senior side have known since the 17 Aug that they wouldn’t be seeing any finals action this year. I reckon travel plans would have been hatched fairly soon after this date.

The magoos didn’t qualify for finals action until the 25 Aug & have gotten over the line vs two fancied sides since then. It is absurd to suggest the Senior lads should have simply ‘stuck around’ & cancelled/rescheduled their travel plans for a month or more without knowledge (of deep finals action) in advance & without understanding their personal or professional circumstances.


“People go on holidays during down time at work”.
Amazing stuff really.


You get the tar, l’ll bring the feathers. Hanging is too good for them l say.

Perhaps they feel it is about time to have a little RnR for themselves, since they have been going flat out since what, January? Give them a break, they have well and truly earned it.


Make sure Gleeson and Parish have ID.


Oh a chance to be outraged by absolutely nothing at all…