AFL Coaching movements 2017

Thought I’d start a thread to discuss coaching movements over the off season since they have been drifting into all manner of threads.

Reckon Hinkley is off the GC.

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Dew to Port

It would make sense.

Caracella to EFC


Yes please!

I just want assistants that are coming from successful clubs.

Is Hinkley still under contract though? Then again its the AFL’s baby so they will no doubt make it happen if they want

Hinkley going to GC is the funniest thing in the history of funny things. Please please please happen


I’d start the crowd funding to chip into the costs just to watch Koche loss his ■■■■


Ken Hinkley should shut up.

heres the plan, we get caracella and dew in as assistant coaches who take over next year. the kicker is, its decided by a fight to the death with a rusty spoon.


I desperately want a recently retired player on our coaching ranks. (recent as in 1-2 years ago)

They need to take charge of the midfield.

Some names that come to mind.

Priddis (Woosha connection) Don’t know if he is coach material, but would have a great knowledge of midfield craft
Kelly - obvious reasons
Judd - Merrett connection, Woosha connection
Hodge - obvious coaching potential

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I like the Priddis idea

I dont think assistant coaches make that much, but work really hard.

I cant see Judd even remotely needing or wanting to do that.

Don’t want an eye gouging chicken winger anywhere near our club.


Can you please tell me what is the Merrett connection?

He acted as a mentor for Zerrett.

ESSENDON youngster Zach Merrett has revealed an old foe of the club has been one of the driving reasons behind his improvement this season.

Dual Brownlow Medallist and former Carlton star Chris Judd has acted as a personal mentor for Merrett in 2016, lending advice on how to develop his midfield game.

Speaking with Fox Sports News’ AFL Today, the Dons youngster revealed the lessons he’s learned from Judd and how he’s implementing them this season.

“I’ve been seeing Chris Judd outside of the club as a personal mentor, which has been fantastic,” Merrett said.

“I’ve been very lucky to get him involved through John Worsfold and he’s been really good.

“I catch up with him every couple of weeks and just chat through all things footy — preparation, mindset and recovery.

“All of those things have been fantastic and it’s probably seen my game go to the next level outside of the club and inside the club, so it’s been really good.

“He gives a lot of advice — he’s a very deep thinker. He has some unique thoughts on the game and how to prepare. I’ve tried to take as much as possible from him.”

Merrett is averaging 28.7 disposals per game this season, ranked 11th in the entire competition.

It’s a fantastic rate of improvement for the 20-year-old, who is having to shoulder the bulk of the responsibility in an undermanned Essendon midfield this season.

“It’s been an interesting year,” Merrett said.

“At the start of the year, we set some goals to improve as much as we could.

“As a development player myself, I’m in my third year, I’ve tried to take on a leadership role and improve as a genuine midfielder. That’s been my focus throughout the year.”

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Definitely Jackson Merrett; he’s got the Hird connection, the Thompson connection, the Woosha connection, the James Kelly connection, the Zach Merrett connection, the Dyson Heppell connection, the Jobe Watson connection, the Nathan Lovett-Murray connection, the Dustin Fletcher connection, the Paul Little connection … blah blah blah

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With all those connections, he should be a qualified electrician.

Anyone seen my hat?


Hes been mentoring zach in terms of preparation for keeping himself at peak condition. As much as we all hate judd the carlton prick, when his knees went he reinvented himself as a player, takes a self aware and driven person to do that. So i think its great for zach.

Also this started last year.

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Excellent news for Essendon James Kelly becomes an assistant coach at Essendon. McKenna out.

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Quite a change for McKenna. l wish him luck.

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