AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Just kicking off a discussion thread for the AFL 2018 Draft.

Not much for us Bomber fans tonight. But will be interesting to take stock on who is still available at the conclusion of the first round.

I hope we pick up Bytel. Start of the year he was projected top 10 and only injury has curtailed him.

I think he will be available at our pick but we will go for someone we have never heard of.


What time does today’s part kick off?


7pm i believe.

The AFL have really ruined the night for a lot of hopeful draftees and their families.

I’m spending the evening with a hopeful draftee and his family to watch the draft. He’s not expected to get picked until the later rounds (if at all). But the fact that he won’t even get a look in tonight and he has to wait until tomorrow is disappointing.


Agree, I think it’s a complete stuff up on the AFLs behalf. And to think, they’re giving Essendon fans no need to even engage with it. You’d think they’d want to maximise interest in the main event.


Yep, that’s the weirdest thing. If they do it like this for any team that doesn’t have a first round pick there is going to have a drop off in supporters paying attention. For an organisation that loves to have all the attention I don’t think they thought it through fully, sure the top players just for the first round sort of make it look like a marque event. But who really cares if you don’t have a pick there. And while it might not have a huge effect this year if they keep doing it I can see people caring less and less when it isn’t relevant to them.





They should have saved the first round for prime time and done rd2 onwards tonight instead.


Japan is getting murdered by argentina in the field hockey.


I demand RadioDJR levels of match coverage. In this thread.


Pick 34 - Jack Bytel
Pick 66 - Marlion Pickett or Marlion Pickett or even Marlion Pickett, or if not available, Marlion Pickett
Pick 84 - Ben Cavarra

Other players I really like include Bailey Williams, Luke Foley and whoever gets Tom Joyce is going to get a beauty.


Pick 34 : “I can’t believe he slid this far. A steal.”
Pick 66: project skinny ruck.
Whatever after. Upgrade a rookie.


Soccer is worse than six hours of AwFuL draft.


not as bad as your reading skills nerrrrd


Seriously though, why watch? We all know how’s it’s going to play out.

  • Carlton make the wrong decision with Pick 1
  • Gold Coast take a whole lot of disappointed looking kids who will be on the lists of Hawthorn, Richmond, Collingwood or us in 24 months time
  • Adelaide teams will pick guys who can’t play but are from South Australia
  • Gil will give a boring speech in a bad fitting suit
  • blah, blah blah


Yeah, but it’s important they choose the good kids for us to retrieve.


I’m at the draft. Connors in the row behind me.


Are we even involved today?


O.MG! .O.M.G! O.M.G! O.M.G!!!


Paint drying has more personality than Gill


Think of all the ratings of the GC, GWS, Port fans, given they have most of this round. That’s at least 3 ratings.