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Why does it exist at all?
I don’t really get the ‘minimum cap’ concept. What does it achieve, in real terms?




More money for the players.

It’s the players that push for the minimum not anyone else.


‘In real terms’.
I’m not convinced it nets players more money at all.
The market would dictate that. If you aren’t on fair pay - leave for a team that will appreciate you.
If you aren’t good enough to get the pay you want - get better - or get another job.
If you don’t want to pat your players what the market says they are worth - they will leave your club.

So - what’s the minimum cap for?


To stop Fitzroy situations. Where a club says we’re struggling and only paying 2/3 of the cap going forward.

The player union doesn’t care who gets the money or if it’s market value just that the player money pool is allways at a certain level.


That doesn’t mean there needs to be a minimum players pay cap. It means there needs to be a minimum amount available to pay players. They are not the same thing. The mechanism the AFL use to ensure each club has the means to pay their players is the redistribution of club and media generated funds. How would removing a minimum player spend increase the likely-hood of a ‘Fitzroy situation’?


You’re overthinking it.

If the minimum is say 9 million it stops a club paying 8 million. That’s 1 million more going to players.

That’s all there is too it. The union wants the most $ possible.


Yeah, I get that - pretty simple logic.
But - it’s still seems idiotic to me.
Maybe I’m the idiot, I don’t know.
If a club pays $8m in your hypothetical - they will either have a list of players that aren’t ‘worth’ more, or, they are worth more and will leave for better offers.

It doesn’t fix anything…what am I missing?


Yeah I’m with you in that, it does nothing for the state of the list. Just means average players got overpaid and less room to buy a team.


Average players who play for bottom teams are always over-paid - It will always happen when you have a salary cap.


Fitzroy ended up in a downward spiral because they weren’t paying there players real wages. As a result good players didn’t stay/wouldn’t come and they became uncompetitive on field.

The idea with the minimum salary cap is to avoid that situation and ensure that players are being paid from an equal pool at all clubs.


If you mismanage your payments


Will Mary Gearin, ABC Chief sports correspondent, be on Gil’s Finals guest list after her latest report on him ( up on the ABC site)?


And because they couldn’t pay their good players like Gale, Broderick, Dundas, Wheildon and Wynd, they either delisted them or traded them to Richmond for Jeff Hogg.

Robert Shaw once said the match committee wanted Zanotti but the board didn’t because they could affordto pay him. The coaches ran raffles etc to pay him out of their own pockets, and it was under $10k.

That was a club brought to its knees by the perversity of their presidents in Wiegard and ■■■■-Lacy. The players wanted to take up the offer to go to Brisbane and get paid again. The board were pig-headed.

Would have cost them Roos and Pert too.


The Great Season Thay Was Podcast covers the Fitzroy demise very well with Robert Shaw. The Zanotti story is amazing. Basically the coaches spent their preseason weekends down at the docks selling tickets for a Paul Roos jumper raffle to afford Zanotti.

Do yourself a favour and check out the Podcast


Not sure you can blame these Club Presidents at all. Maybe the Club Secretary who emblezzed a great deal of money and the Board who hid it.


Thankfully there is no discussion on here regarding the farcical legends match. I have no problem with old farts playing footy but it’s not worthy of prime time TV. The AFL should identify the 50 top draft prospects and play a Vic vrs the rest match in the Bye week. Would be great to see the young talent before we draft them and they’ll be keen to impress.


Two most emotional moments for me in footy was ted written and his son going round the g and Fitzroys last game in Melbourne.
That to me is what the game is about. People.
Someone should tell Gil that.


This is exactly right. If they did that in prime time it would rate better and create more interest in the draft. Considering how desperate they seem to be to create more interest in the draft, you’d think they would have thought of it by now


Or do a Mature age State of Origin The Big V versus SA one year, WA the next

Have the best players not currently on an AFL list battle it out