AFL Members w/ Essendon Club Support screwed over

I’m afraid I don’t have much sympathy for AFL Members with Essendon support.

After how the AFL has treated us.

Speaking as a full MCC member.



Same. Kept a full Essendon membership and joined the VRC. Figure there’s less corruption in racing than at AFL HQ.


Love the High Mark mate. Wouldn’t sit anywhere but level two at Etihad now. Don’t regret the decisions I made.


Would be nice if you could just pay for finals and GF access without buying access to home and away games. I tend to work on the weekends, I reckon I’ve only been to 2-3 games in 3 years.

I’ve been Bronze for over 20 years. We got GF tickets in 00 and 01 by lining up. Since then, 16 years have gone by without a GF.

If we do look like making a GF, I just plan to shell out the 1500ish for a corporate ticket, and I’ll still be miles and miles in front than if I bought a silver membership every year.


Had full Afl. Got rid of it because of the saga. Still getting my head around how to get to games with EFC membership, but what I saved every year not being in the GF, I can probably hire out a corporate box on our next GF appearance.

Good on ya, tinhillterror — you have integrity.

I can’t understand how, after the four-year hell the AFL put us through, any Essendon barracker can take out AFL: membership.

I’m an Essendon Football Club member and I always will be — but I detest the AFL, the self-serving hooky businessmen that run it and all it and they stand for.

I’d be delighted if the EFC and other big clubs left the AFL high and dry and set up their own new competition, as happened way back in 1897, but i’m afraid there’s Buckley and Nunn’s of that happening nowadays. The most we can hope for is that that slippery scion of the squattocracy, Gillon MacLachlan, will get his come-uppance sooner rather than later.

But for now, let’s just ask any Essendon-supporting AFL members to show some integrity, cancel their AFL membership and take on the equivalent value in a straight-out Essendon membership.


Must be a capacity thing.

High mark guarantees a gf ticket if efc make it. Good luck getting one of those

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I’ll remember that when our board members who were there in 2012 and did nothing are still there in 2017. Hird went, why are the board members still there?


Awesome mate, I think you’ve sold me on that - I’ll take plunge.

Why should AFL members have access to tickets allocated to Essendon members in the event of a grand final?

AFL members have half of the southern stand allocated to them on Grand Final day, you shouldn’t be double dipping outside of the AFL reserve.

Let me know if I’ve complete misunderstood you but if the above is correct I agree with the decision.


I’d never get rid of my full afl membership. Took too long to get upgraded to throw away. Easy to get tickets each year. My mrs who isn’t a member deals with it.

I think it’s a bit rich to be telling people what membership they should be getting. Each circumstance is different. I had a full AFL Membership but let it go during the saga for obvious reasons but I understand that it’s a compelling membership package and if someone sees better value for themselves in that, well that’s ok IMO.


That’s a good point, Ross, although it’s really a different issue. Essendon members in theory have control over the Board at the AGM. A lot of us wanted a spill of the Board when the sheet hit the fan, but individual Board members had too many friends, despite their weak, gutless response to the crisis. We did get two new members who did not represent the old vested interests onto the Board, but it wasn’t enough. Maybe this year ?

On the other hand, we as Essendon members have no control over the AFL bosses: the only thing we can do to them is to deprive them of the revenue from the AFL memberships.

The AFL cancelled my Silver AFL membership in 2014 after I suggested the fat Prick have a heart attack while fornicating with spittle mouth. Best thing ever to happen.


Put the money you save on membership into an asx50 share portfolio. Sell when we make it and pay a scalper.


I still have mine after 20 years of Full AFL. I thought long and hard over forfeiting during the saga out of protest but at the end of the day I would have just been shooting myself in the foot by handing the privileges over to the next mug in line… and yes the benefits are too big to ignore in my opinion.

I have had a ticket to every GF since 98. I’ve been to 2. You can figure out the rest.


I’m happy to talk up High Mark too. Love my level 2 seats. It does help having good people seated around us though.


I’m appalled those who gave up AFL memberships are still attending games at all.

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