AFL Members w/ Essendon Club Support screwed over

Just been on the phone with EFC and have found out they are going to do the same policy as Richmond has done in the past week and got slammed for

From next year all AFL Members with Essendon Club Support will no longer be eligible to enter the Essendon ballot for GF tickets or purchase the Grand Final Guarantee add-on

This despite being full EFC members with General Admission access for Home games and full voting rights

Where is my burning pitchfork?

EFC must change this

Cool. Fark the AFL.


Cool your jets, AFL lover.

(Seriously, is it the AFL pushing this?)

Easy fix. Become an EFC Member (not AFL).


No this is Essendon doing this

Was on the phone to the AFL and they said it is up to individual clubs to decide their policy and the AFL guy said what Richmond did and what Essendon are doing “is on the nose” and they had tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of complaints from Tigger members

AFL Members with EFC club support hold a EFC Bronze membership and get can access the benefits it gives … well until next season where no longer eligible for Priority 3 GF ballot or Priority 2 GF add-on

Essendon banged on about “equality” they should look in their own backyard first

AFL Members are already EFC Members

Technically, yes, but most of the money goes to the AFL, not to EFC.

Ditch your AFL membership and become a proper EFC member.


Essendon AFL members are already proper Essendon members … more so than some other than the gimmick Blockbuster/Flexi members that get finals tickets access

We pay the full cost of an Essendon Bronze Membership and on top of that extra to the AFL

I’m a full AFL member and have GF access, However the missus & 2 rugrats are silver and 7-8 years away from that level

Last year we coughed up $55x4 to EFC for the GF guarantee so we could sit together in the event of a “miracle”

Next year they will have no chance at all at a GF ticket despite being full proper dinky-di EFC members and EFC doesn’t even want to take my $55x4 ($220) for their add-on

AFL members hamstring our attendance so much. So good ■■■■ them.

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Do the club still offer the high mark AFL Members package for about $400? If so, that’s guaranteed GF if EFC is involved.

Think I paid $800-ish last year

I cancelled my AFL silver membership in 2014 in protest of the Saga. Looks like a pretty good decision.


I’m a Silver member and both High Mark and Silver Membership receive GUARANTEED Priority 1 access to purchase (not ballot) a GF ticket.


Yeah that’s what I was too. Had full AFL Membership plus a high mark add on. That was a few years ago though. I’ve just got High Mark now plus access to Medallion Club via some clients & other business contacts.

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Will cost $310 for wife/kids to get lowest level GF access membership (and get a double up of shitty scarves & stickers) and then won’t be able to sit with me at the game

Didn’t have to pay that last year or in previous years

Fact remains that AFL Members with club support are EFC “Flexi Home” members but have now had the rights of the exact same members stripped from them. We can go into the GA/Essendon section of the MCG on EFC Home games and GA section of EFC home games at Etihad. Purchase reserved seats in the Essendon member allocation for all Essendon games but when it comes to the Grand Final now we are not treated equal

Sounds like a good set up mate. I was an AFL Member for a period of time but preferred the club membership for the home and away access. I’m thinking of upgrading to the High Mark, partly because I sat Level 2 for the WB game this year and really liked it, how do you find the membership?

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Exactly. I know a few full AFL members who get tickets almost every year to the GF, even when their team is not playing, then flog the tickets off and pay for the expense of the membership so it’s effectively free for them each year.

It restricts/stops proper club members from getting in. Good on the ones who get away with it, but overall, fark em. Should be the same rule across the board.

The “ballot” memberships are presumably largely dependent on 1) those paying big bucks suddenly deciding they can wait another 17 years till their next Grand Final and 2) us playing GWS or the like, and therefore EFC getting a larger slice of the GF tickets. If you’re keen, commit properly.

Sorry not sorry.

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Ringo is this including full members?