AFL Members w/ Essendon Club Support screwed over


Have been an AFL club support member since 1994. For a few years now I’ve reserved a seat at Etihad through the club. The benefits of being an AFL member far outway anything on offer from the club. Gives me heaps of flexibility


My Dad nominated me for MCC before he registered my birth (in 1960’s).

Even then it took about 25 years to get full membership.


Please, we’ll be on the way back down in 5 years after claiming our 18th flag.


You should try being a member in WA. You pay your money and can get zero games admission. That’s not good value for anyone.


I just got told I’m about 500 in the waitlist and I’m all but guaranteed to be offered gold membership next year.



Enough with the humble-brag, Bomb.


I like clubs.


I hope so for your sake but I wouldn’t count on the upgrade, there was only a couple hundred upgraded this year which I believe was the lowest in the past 10 or so years. Not that I advocate going to BF, but there’s a thread on this in there with many people on the waiting list. One bloke on there was 370 something & missed the upgrade.


Ah no way - thanks for that.

Is there only one upgrade opportunity per year? As in November?


No. Usually done around queens birthday when the cut off for renewals ends (end of May?). If you’re as close as 500 on the waiting list you are definitely some chance but I know renewal rates were very high this year hence fewer were upgraded. There’s also returning absentee members who push the queue back which is what I believe AFL Membership blamed for so few upgrades this year, according to them EFC members “got keen again” post saga.


Ah i’m sure it’s the case. Anyway it should be either next year or the year after.

I checked out BF and they were saying normally there’s 1500-2000 intakes a year, but last year was around the 500 mark or so.

What are the benefits of gold other than access to purchase GF tickets?

and do you have to pay more per year?

Thanks mate.


You get better access to finals generallly i think and the cost of ticlets is.much cheaper too


The only difference in benefits from silver to gold is access to prelim & grand finals. GF tickets for example cost another $200. Annual difference from silver to gold is about $150 per year.


Adding to @Mr_Sunbury_1 post above, gold membership is more expensive than silver, so be mindful that it’s going to cost a few hundred more once the upgrade is available.


Aaaannnddd just realised he mentioned it in his post.


Seems there could be a development here. Some people being told by club they’re ineligible for the $55 GF guarantee because they hold an AFL EFC Club support membership. Anyone here been told that?


Doesn’t matter though. If you’re a gold member member the order goes
AFL gold club support whose teams are in GF
AFL gold remainder
AFL silver club support
AFL silver everyone else.


Yes, got offered a refund of the GTG if don’t purchase either a 2018 Bronze, Flexi Home, Blockbuster 6 or National 3

Bulldust of the highest order, being an AFL Silver Club Support Member automatically is the same as a Flexi Home and EFC wants to you to buy a pointless membership on top of that and then the GFG on top of that

Spoke to the AFL Membership girl today and she said she will be in touch with Essendon and other clubs about this issue as they have had a stack of complaints

Technically it doesn’t matter as realistically an Essendon AFL Silver member will have next to no chance of getting a GF ticket in the AFL Members but they should also have the chance to have the next to no chance of getting a GF ticket via the Essendon allocation if they so desire. Previously if you had the Essendon GTG you had the option to opt out of either the AFL allocation or Essendon allocation. Now Silver members have no opportunity at all


Oh sorry, I thought it was just gold who couldn’t pay the extra $55


No mate, bullwinkle is confirming what I heard today that AFL EFC silver club support cannot buy the GF guarantee ($55?) in addition to their membership but they can purchase the guarantee if they purchase an additional club membership, which will likely never get used considering they have access to 40 games with AFL Membership, in order to purchase the GF guarantee. Personally I’m not affected but think it’s harsh on those who are. Richmond silver club support members were this year denied entry into the RFC ballot for the same reason. Apparently Hawthorn did something similar at the end of 2014.