AFL Mint (NFTs)

The AFL has just gone live with their own official NFTs for users to collect. The AFL (with their specialist partners) have been working on it for months now. The first ‘drop’ was the other night. It sold out within hours.

For anyone who doesn’t know what NFTs are:

The NBA did it with TopShot ‘moments’ and it is massive.

NFT’s are probably the most cooked thing you lose money on.


I’m no advocate but can’t be as bad as gambling

I’d say it’s probably going to end up being considered pretty close to.


True, not a lot of legislation… yet

How is this any worse than Ricky Nixon forging signatures on footys and selling them out the boot of his car?



Regardless, it’s gonna make a butt load of revenue for the AFL and more money for players


He’s probably selling NFTs of pics of him selling forged sigs out of the boot.

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The next round of NFTs are going to include such iconic moments as:

  • Andrew Dillon or whoever it was taking out the bits of they don’t need from the ASADA report
  • Gill sacking various people for being sleazebags
  • The umpires blatantly cheating on ANZAC day
  • AFLX
  • Gill looking smug
  • Gill looking hungover
  • Kevin Bartlett changing the rules for the 50th time.

Oh sorry, am I being too negative?


From my limited understanding of the concept, it appears the AFL have struck a potential gold mine.