AFL stats pro changes

The AFL has just recently updated the stats page on the website and I cant believe how bad it is now. It seems like a lot of features have been removed.

Players no longer have a dedicated page with their stats for the year, previous years or a biography.
You can no longer make player comparisons between players, you used to be able to compare 5 at a time.
You can no longer filter specific stats instead you are restricted to filtering by very limited categories of stats.
The AFL player ratings seem to no longer be on the website at all.

On the other hand one thing they have added is the stats for all the years back to 2013.

Has anyone noticed anything else that has been added/removed or maybe found a way to access some of the features that I believe have been removed?

Wonder if it’s completely gone, or just paywalled?

I know the mobile interface used to work… about 2-3 years ago they completely borked it. And they won’t let you “view as Desktop” because… reasons.

If its paywalled then you would expect to see a way to pay for it. Theres a small chance that they are still updating the page and it will have more features by the start of the season but it is very similar to the terrible match day and AFLW stat pages which makes me think that its a finished product.