AFL - Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea…

Apologies. But 90s footy was peak footy. Professional enough to get the pace and skills, too early for the coaches to ruin it all.


Don’t forget, also before the rules committee were able to ruin the game.


it definatley has meatloaf potential. Remind me when the ■■■■ is Gil finishing again ?

I don’t doubt that, but if the nrl grand final got kiss, it would be portrayed as the greatest scoop in gf entertainment history on


I think Kiss relates to the NRL fan base. Jimmy Barnes goes well with that comp because that’s the market.
Plus NRL don’t worry about bullshit tradition. Entertainment looks better at night so do the entertainment at night.
I like Kiss. Great band. But I don’t think this’ll come off well at all simply because most of the generation that give a ■■■■ about the entertainment portion of grand final day wouldn’t know who these guys are or why they wear such nightmarish clothing.
Personally, the chances of Shannon Tweed visiting Melbourne is enough to peak my interests.

you took the words right out of my mouth

Another meatloaf reference?

Kiss won’t be meatloaf bad. Too many runs on the board playing stadiums. Pretty boring though.

kiss can sort of hide behind the makeup and sound egineers could probably make me sound good

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if collingwood make the grand final, that day will be the absolute peak of life for about 20,000 people who are there

-edit- back it up by hiring two escorts for the night, then just pull the pin the following day because it won’t ever get better


Moody of the older people will cringe and all of the younger people will laugh .



Yes and no.

The MCG is rubbish for acoustics and Kiss will be without their usual touring stage\sound\light\vision\pyro setup (would take too long to strike before the game.) They’ll have to use the venue’s own PA system, which isn’t fantastic. Good as Kiss’s engineers are (and their audio equipment, not including the PA, can cost as much as houses,) there’s only so much they can do. My favourite analogy is that you could put millions of dollars of gear and the world’s best engineers into St Paul’s Cathedral… and it’s still going to echo. That’s what a building of that shape, size, and materials does to sound. There’s only so much you can fight physics.


yep true . but why kiss when angry Anderson was probably available , and I’m sure the Batmobile is still in someone’s shed


You don’t actually think the music at these half-time shows the world over are live, do you?

Vocals? Regularly.
Music? Not in the least…

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if it isn’t a genuine current day global star then why roll out these tired old acts . who wants to see it hear a loud mouthed all american 70’s icon at the pinacle Aussie rules game ? did we learn nothing from the meatloaf sheer cringeworthy embarassment? it adds nothing to the occasion whatsoever.


Madison Avenue were stiff I thought


Current day global starts aren’t coming to Australia in September for $1mil dollars when they can get that touring through USA and Europe given it’s just after the peak touring period for those markets.
Global stars usually pop down here between November and February.

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My sneaking suspicion is that the AFL keeps wheeling these old American artists out in the hope one of them dies on live TV during the performance, because that’s the only way they’ll ever be able to guarantee the AFL will get primetime media coverage in the US.


Interesting idea on the fixture and finals system. I like it.