AFL/VFL/VFLW synchronicity and clashes (2018)

OK, hopefully, I’ve entered all of this correctly into my calendar, given the club hasn’t bothered to do so. I only mention non-clashes if they’re particularly convenient.

Sun 11 March
BLT match followed by VFL practice match also vs Geelong. Nice.

Sat 14 April (amended)
First VFLW practice match is the first part of a double-header versus Willy.

Sat 21 April (amended)
Second VFLW practice match is at Windy Hill starting 12 noon. Overlaps with the VFL match at Victoria Park at 1410.

Sat 5 May (amended)
VFL 1200 at Windy Hill clashes with the AFL at the MCG at 1410.

Sat 12 May
VFLW at WH at 1200, and AFL at MCG at 1410.

Sat May 19
VFL at WH at 1200, AFL at MCG at 1635. Nice. The VFLW overlaps the AFL game, but is in Darwin so whatevs.

Sat 2 June (Dreamtime)
VFL kicked out in favour of VFLW. VFLW 4pm at Punt Road before MCG at 1925. The VFL game is at Whitten Oval at 1900.

Sun 10 June
VFL at WH at 1200. Retreat to the bar at half-time (1310) to simultaneously watch the AFL game from the Gabba.

Sun 24 June
VFLW then VFL double-header at Box Hill.

Sat June 30
It’ll be 3 degrees with a 50kph wind for the Craigieburn double-header (VFL then VFLW).

Sun 8 July
Decent travel time allowed from VFLW at WH starting 1130 to AFL at MCG starting 1520.

Update: the VFL match was on the Saturday, but has been moved to be a double header on the Sunday starting at 1400. Hence it clashes with the AFL match.

Sat 21 July
VFL at WH starting 1100 clashes with VFLW at Bill Lawry Oval starting at 12. Both then leave a too-big gap till AFL at Docklands starting 1635.

Sat 4 August
AFL and VFL at the same time.

Sat 11 August
VFLW then VFL double-header at Kardina Park.

Sat 18 August
VFL then VFLW double-header at Windy Hill.

Sat 25 August
VFL then VFLW double-header at Windy Hill. Port Adelaide date and time to be determined, but is over there.


Overall, we have done pretty well.


thanks DJR, this is great!

Added the 31 March clash (the women’s first practice match, to be played at a so-far unspecified time and location)…

VFLW practice matches have been changed. The first match versus Melbourne Uni on 31 March is gone (along with its conflicts), and the new first match has had the logical change of being moved forward one day to be a double-header with the men’s VFL match. This removes the previous overlap with the AFL game.

They didn’t do the same for the new second practice match, sadly: it starts at 12 at Windy Hill on the same day as a VFL men’s match starts at 2:10 at Victoria Park.

Round 1 of the VFLW has been moved one day later, removing the conflict with the AFL game. The VFL game stays on the Saturday and still clashes with the AFL game. I don’t get it.

Two other main season VFLW games have been (re)scheduled, but those changes have no effect on the above summary.

Just to be annoying, they’ve shifted the VFL game vs Richmond from Saturday 7 July to Sunday 8 July. Makes it a double header with the VFLW but newly clashes with the AFL game.