AFL/VFL/VFLW synchronicity and clashes (2019)

OK, hopefully, I’ve entered all of this correctly into my calendar, given the club hasn’t bothered to do so. There are some errors in the VFLW schedule on our website, and we play Freo for 27 hours straight in the second last round of the AFL.

No practice match info as of this first posting, obviously.

The season is clash-less till 30 June, but gets uglier from then. There is only one weekend which is completely messed up, though.

Sun 5 May
The VFLM team will start play 3 hours and 40 minutes before the AFL team does. May be at the MCG, may be at Windy Hill.

Sat 11 May
VFLW+VFLM double-header at Windy Hill.

Sat 25 May
Triple-header at Punt Road and the MCG. VFLW then VFLM then 2.5 hours till AFL – maybe just enough time to get to the city in time for the The Long Walk back again.

Sun 2 June
VFLM 1140 start at Windy Hill gives adequate time to get to the MCG for the AFL game at 1520. Fark Northern and Fark Carlton. They’re the teams we’re playing, too.

Sat 7-9 June
None of the teams play. Book your holiday now (Queen’s Birthday is on the 10th).

Sat 15 June
VFLW+VFLM double-header at Windy Hill.

Sun 30 June
Partial clash: VFLM at Werribee at 1140 and VFLW at Melb Uni at 1430. So about a quarter or so missed if you do both.

Sat 6 July
Gets worse. VFLW at WH at 1200, AFL at MCG at 1345.

Sat 13 July
VFLM at Windy Hill at 1200 moves smoothly enough into AFL at Docklands at 1635. Bizarely the VFLW plays a demo game versus GWS at 1030 at The Hangar; they could have played both at Windy Hill and still have time to get to Docklands.

Sat 27 July
VFLW+VFLM double header at Willy. As if you won’t have hypothermia by the end of the first game…

Sat 3 August
This is a mess. VFLW at Windy Hill at 1130, AFL at Docklands at 1345, VFLM at Sandy at 1400.

Sat 10 August
VFLM+VFLW at Whitten Oval, then 1.5 hours to get to Docklands for the AFL.

Sat 17 August
VFLW at 1200 at Victoria Park will finish just about the time the VFLM start at 1400 at Windy Hill.

23-25 August
No conflict: AFL Friday, WFLW Saturday, VFL Sunday.

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I just watch the AFL and read DJR’s updates during the breaks. Works well.

Does anyone really care about VFLW… really? :joy:

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Mackrill’s nicked off to live in Sydney, so convince me.

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To help those planning ahead, especially during the VFLW and VFL/AFL clashes, a radio guide to the VFLW games for this season is below:

Round 1 - Saturday May 11th
Essendon v Casey Demons - 97.7 Casey Radio game

Round 2 - Saturday May 18th
Geelong v Essendon - GoFooty.Live/RSN Carnival 2

Round 3 - Saturday May 25h
Richmond v Essendon - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 4 - Saturday June 1st
Essendon v Carlton - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 5

Round 6 - Saturday June 15th
Essendon v Hawthorn - 94.1 FM 3WBC

Round 7 - Saturday June 22nd
NT Thunder v Essendon - NT Thunder Youtube Stream

Round 8 - Sunday June 30th
Melbourne University v Essendon - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 9 - Saturday July 6th
Essendon v Collingwood - WARF Radio/RSN Carnival 2

Round 10 - Invitational Match - Saturday July 13th
Essendon v GWS Giants - WARF Radio/RSN Carnival 2

Round 11 - Saturday July 20th
Essendon v Darebin - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 12 - Saturday July 27th
Williamstown v Essendon - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 13 - Saturday August 3th
Essendon v Southern Saints - WARF Radio/RSN Carnival 2

Round 14 - Saturday August 10th
Western Bulldogs v Essendon - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 15 - Saturday August 17th
Collingwood v Essendon - no coverage at this stage (follow DJR)

Round 16 - Saturday August 24th
Essendon v Williamstown - WARF Radio/RSN Carnival 2


GWS demo game versus the women added during our bye on July 13. Weirdly it’s at The Hangar, when they could have run VFLW then VFL and still had travel time to Docklands for their 4:35pm start.

AFL round 23 confirmed, ditto the VFL game that week. No conflict!