AFL/VFL/VFLW synchronicity and clashes (2020)

OK, hopefully, I’ve entered all of this correctly into my calendar, given the club hasn’t bothered to do so.

No VFL practice match info as of this first posting (any dates, @Paul_Cousins or @Catherine_Lio?)

The women by far get the worst run of conflicts this year. There are two times where starting Windy Hill games slightly earlier (e.g. 1100) would resolve that.

What’s below is only the particularly nice or bad stuff – e.g. if the three teams play on different days, or well separated in time on the same day, I don’t mention it.

Mon 9 March (Labor Day)
Double-header of VFL practice match and seniors BLT matches vs Geelong. In Colac, sigh.

Sat 25 April
The VFLM team play at Olympic Park Oval from 1200, which allows plenty of time to cross the railway line for the ceremonies prior to the AFL’s 1620 start. We haven’t played there before (well, Blitz has) and it will presumably be unfenced, free, and very very busy.

Sun 3 May
VFLM + AFL double-header at the MCG.

Sat 9 May
Three games vs Geelong. VFLM+VFLW double header at Windy Hill, starting 1200 and 1500. The latter significantly overlaps the AFL 1625 start at the MCG.

Sun 17 May
VFLW in a double-header at Sandy from 1130. For them. Unfortunately our VFLM are at Crazyburn from 1400. Can someone arrange a helicopter so I can do that trip in the provided 30 minutes?

Sat 23 May
VFLW+VFLM+AFL triple-header at Punt Road and the MCG. VFLM finishes around 1650, so time to do the short run to the city in time to do the Long Walk back.

Sun 31 May
Partial clash: VFLM at Windy Hill at 1140 and AFL at Docklands from 1310.

Mon 1 June to Wednesday 10 June
No footy. Book your Bali holiday, and fly back to Perth on the 11th.

Sat 20 June
Partial clash: VFLW at Windy Hill from 1130, AFL at Docklands from 1345.

Sat 27 June
VFLM+VFLW double header at Whitten Oval. Gold coin entry?

Sat 4 July
VFLW+VFLM double header at Windy Hill.

Sat 11 July
VFLW at Pissy Park 1130, GWS in Sydney 1635. Even with a potential perfectly-timed flight I’m gonna say this is a partial clash.

Sun 19 July
This is a mess. VFLM at Windy Hill from 1100, VFLW at Arden Street at the exact same time, AFL at the MCG rather than Docklands from 1310. FFS.

Sun 26 July
VFLW+VFLM double header at Werribee.

Sat 1 August
VFLW at Bill Lawry Oval from 1200 then AFL from 1345 at the MCG.

Sat 9 August
VFLW at Box Hill at 1130, AFL vs Port over there from 1640.

Sat 22 August
TBC: VFLM at Windy Hill from 1300, AFL plays the Bears away at an unknown time and date that weekend.


These clashes have now confirmed the 2020 Tombob Super Nick Tour schedule, warm up gigs ( practice matches ) TBA

21/3 AFL Freo @ Marvel ( wife’s birthday but I reckon she can work something out )
2/4 AFL Blues @ MCG
4/4 VFL Nth Blues @ Kramer St Preston
10/4 Good Friday VFL Dogs @ Whitten
11/4 AFL GWS @ Marvel
18/4 VFL Willy @ Windy Hill
25/4 Anzac Day VFL AFL Pies double header Olympic Park / MCG
3/5 VFL AFL Dees double header MCG
9/5 VFL Cats @ Windy Hill, train ride, AFL Cats @ MCG
16/5 AFL Norf @ Marvel
17/5 VFLW Saints @ Sandy
23/5 Dreamtime VFLW, VFL, AFL triple header, Punt Rd & MCG. ( went 0-3 last year…)
30/5 VFLW Willy @ Windy Hill
31/5 VFL Port @ Windy Hill, leave @ half time, train ride , AFL Gold Coast @ Marvel
13/6 VFLW Darebin @ Windy Hill, mow lawn, walk dog, do laundry, VFL Frankston @ Frankston
20/6 VFLW Demons @ Windy Hill, leave @ 3/4 time, train ride, AFL Saints @ Marvel
26/6 AFL Dogs @ Marvel
27/6 VFL VFLW Dogs double header @ Windy Hill
2/7 AFL Hawks @ Marvel
4/7 VLFW VFL Hawks double header @ Windy Hill
11/7 AFL GWS @ Homebush ( a pleasant day trip to Western Sydney, plane tickets purchased )
19/7 VFLW Norf @ Arden St, leave @ 1/2 time, train ride, AFL Norf @ MCG
25/7 AFL Crows @ Marvel
26/7 VFLW VFL Willy doubleheader @ Willy ( will be a bit late for VFLW, Run Melbourne 10.30am, a busy day…)
1/8 VFLW Darebin @ Northcote, leave @ 1/2 time, train ride, AFL Pies @ MCG
8/8 VFL Port @ Port
9/8 VFLW Hawks @ Box Hill
22/8 VFL Tigers @ Windy Hill

These games are then followed by week after week after week of finals success.

That’s my plan anyway folks, I’m sure life will get in the way somewhere along the line but it’s an exciting time of year.


Sorry @theDJR missed this. VFL Practice matches as follows (subject to change, don’t shoot the messenger) -

28/2 - VS Northern Blues, Ikon Park 6:30pm
9/3 - VS Geelong, Central Reserve 1pm (Curtain Raiser to AFL)
22/3 - VS Box Hill, Highgate Reserve 11.30am


I’m getting the lay of the land next week. Will let you know when I know!

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Just an update here, the VFL practice match scheduled for next Saturday is now next Friday night at Ikon vs Northern Blues - believe it’s a 6:30pm start.


Noooo, dammit

Thanks for the heads up Paul.

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Thanks Pres, has this time been confirmed?

Missed Casey last week & I’m anxious to get to a game.

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Confirmed. 6:30 first bounce.