AFLW #12 - Bess Keaney (ex-Gold Coast)

Acquired via trade.

Elizabeth “Bess” Keaney.

Played 39 games for Gold Coast.

Requested trade to Essendon due to family reasons.

Arrived along with pick 72 (4th round) for our pick 53 (3rd round).


Official from Bomberland

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Close enough to free, for someone about to turn 32yo.

P.S. Beth “Bess” Keaney ≠ Beth Kearney, who was an OG EFC VFLW player.


“I’m thrilled to be joining the Bombers and so grateful for the opportunity to join the club I grew up supporting,” Keaney said.



Another hockey convert. Our current one is pretty darn good.

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In one nice simple (dodgly put together by me) image to share…

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Stealing the idea from Redman at BigFooty…



She’s 31

Bit too old for the team imo would have preferd a younger player

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She’ll play a role we need and is walk up best 15, if not best 10.

Cost bugger all. Good pick up this one.


Ah Nino…do you not think that the relevant club officials (Coach and Recruiting Staff) know a little bit more about how she can help the team than what you do?

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Need more Toogood/Maddy type qaulites in the team but i understand you cant get them every year

And then in a year or two will retire and we need to find a replacement

I prefer we recuit players who will be there for the long term

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This is great.

Her brother is in a relatively well known indie band. And is a legend.

Bombers supporters.


Honest question…how much do you know about Bess Keaney?

I’ll start by saying I know nothing more than what is written in the various articles but this part seemed pretty relevant:

“The Suns’ Vice-Captain, Keaney is an attacking winger with great athleticism and speed”

Given that she was The Sun’s Vice Captain and has “great athleticism and speed” I’m going to stay with the idea that the club did well here.

Thats great but wont there when we push for a flag

To be fair, it took her an entire season after coming from another sport before she was elevated to vice-captain.


How do you know that…we might push for the flag in 2-3 years time…she might be one of those people who take exceptional care of themselves and still be playing in five years time.

Look for the positives mate…there’s more than enough negative crap in the world these days :slight_smile:

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What we certainly don’t want is players learning habits off athletes who have been successful in multiple sports, or have shown a natural ability to lead teams.

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Did Gold Coast provide us with a free wheelchair as well??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: