AFLW 2020 - cancelled, with no winner

The gap between the most skilled girls and the not so skilled girls is huge. There are some from season one hanging on for dear life, the new generation are 10x players they are.

Finals? We make finals?

As long as the new generation are getting better. Don’t forget in the first season or 2 they were trying to get players from netball and Soccer to give it some “credibility”. At least the new batch if girls coming through would have some exposure at local level for a few years now.

It’s a very ordinary spectacle and for the most part, very hard to watch. I’m not sure why people make out it’s enjoyable to watch. come on, your not fooling anyone. most teams kick 2-3 goals a game, that is hardly entertaining.

but its not aimed at the average footy watcher like most of us. people are missing the point and forget that. young girls over the country should aspire to be like their AFLW heroes. dream of playing AFL. it involves young women all over the country at grassroots level. I don’t like watching it, and barely do, but I fully support the concept of it


It’s to Essendon’s great shame that we still do not have a team.

I do find it enjoyable to watch, as hard as you seem to find that to believe… & you’ve clearly never watched, or at least enjoyed Soccer.


To be fair, if you enjoy soccer you’re doing it wrong.


It’s footy and without having it since September it’s good to have it on tv. It’s a low standard, but it will get there. If it hooks my 2 1/2 year old daughter then the goal has been achieved.

She already says ‘dad, let’s play footy’ then yells ‘Go Bombers’ every time she picks it up, so she is well on the way.


soccer is sh*t


I do find it hard to believe. a team kicked their first goal in the last quarter last night. the standard is poor, hence it’s hard to watch. it’ll improve, but it will take years

anyway, @BomberAbroad summed up part of why it’s fantastic. and that’s exactly the effect it should be having. I support it fully, but there’s nothing wrong with being honest too

Yep - any sport is great as long as it’s competitive.

The intensity at the AFLW is great and enjoyable to watch, skills are there - few players aren’t as skilled as they could be, but they make up for it with their intensity.

If some fans love the Guelfi types but don’t appreciate the AFLW, they have nfi.

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Majority of the AFLW players are part timers who have full time jobs or play other sports will take about 20 years for the next generation to come through who have been playing footy since they were kids.

It didn’t with the cricket.

It is about funding to enable full time development.

The play in the Fark FC V Tiges scrap was noticeably better than in previous seasons in my opinion. I reckon they will get there over time.

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Spot on. I wholeheartedly support the concept, it’s fantastic, but I’m not watching it at the moment. I have a two year old girl, I’m sure if she gets into her footy in a few years I’ll make sure she and I sit down and watch it.

Well I enjoy it. It is encouraging to see the standard noticeably improve each year. The kicking is mostly still pretty atrocious but the marking and ball movement is definitely getting better.


watched 5-10 mins and could see that Carlton would give the Tigers a bath.
Tayla Harris looked a class above.
its frustrating seeing the hack kick and opposition mark continously.
but sometimes a long kick gains more metres than tryingto over possess it.

WTF is the lasso penalty in this?

Are there different rules??

I’m trying to watch but am confused as ■■■■

I think lasso is a reference to a last-touch-out free-against. Dunno why.

Ally Anderson plenty of disposals in the Bears’ defeat of reigning premiers Adelaide.

Hetherington and Hicks will claim they are responsible for keeping the Suns to 8 points and hence their one point win (I assume it was effin’ flooding in effin’ Sydney). Lauren Ahrens topped the Suns’ disposals with 15.

Ex-player Jessica “not #1” Trend was barely sighted for Norf. Ponter did well, however.

Bullas and Collier play for WCE tomorrow.

to make the women’s game bearable and to allow it to grow, the whole shebang (scuse the pun) needs to be rethought. Oval size, no. of players on the field, size of the pill (again, apologies), etc.

140 x 80 m ovals
30m Forward arc
40m centre square
Ball size 2/3’s of the mens balls (there i go again)
14 players per team with 6 interchange

Reduced squad sizes will spread the talent wider and the game itself will be much more watchable.

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