AFLW 2022 Rnd 2: Non-Essendon Games

Who was the smartypants insisting on telling me Melbourne were going too come out strong early this season (i.e. beat the reigning premiers) and then fall off a cliff?



Melbourne 3.8.26 survive Norf 4.0.24

Norf hit the front late in the game, but then Bannon went on a trademark run to goal.

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I’m note sure these are complements.

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My description was poor, but I blame the ABC call for that.

Adelaide struggling at Punt Road, trail 3.0.18-3.2.20 versus Richmond minus Brennan at halftime.

Yassir has one goal and one goal assist.


As will the tigress fans.

Right hamstring awareness for Yassir at half-time?

Dont spoil my fun with technicalities

Ballard goes BANG-BANG with 6 minutes left and AN ADELAIDE ARMY ARE ACCORDINGLY ADVANTAGED 35-27

Tigers have choked in three games in the past seven days :crazy_face:

It’s urinating down in Alberton. Hopefully the below represents their season.

Also wet and windy in Freo (vs Geelong, Prespakis Jr long-form interview at halftime?)

air raid siren

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Quarter time:

Dogs 4 lead Port 1
WA weather has kept Freo and the Cats scoreless.

Essendon has never gone goal-less in a quarter, let alone four as above.

BREAKING NEWS: Footscray have kicked a goal.

And so have Geelong.

Rocky and NINA.

I still don’t understand why Geelong cut Cranston.

Gemma Houghton is the answer to “who kicked the first goal of Port’s first two games?”

Port player just smashed straight through Gutknecht’s leg/knee at speed.

Yet to be moved, after several minutes…

■■■■, Ambulance onto the ground.

They’re gonna shoot her :astonished:


Guess: broken lower leg.