AFLW 2022 Rnd 4: Non-Essendon Games

Georgie Prespakis had 32 disposals (the first Cat to reach 30), but her team sucks* and lost.

We’re not going to have attractive picks for the Cats.

*but after half time they beat North 5-0 for scoring shots. WTF?

Saints team!

In: D.Jolliffe, S.Nalder, L.Burke

In other changes, the Eagles clearly concluded the reason they got murdered by us was Bullas and Petrevski being sleeper agents.

After we slaughtered the Eagles last week, they hold the Giants to just 1.3.9!!!

Eagles beat the AFL Frankenstein Franchise 16-9.

St.Kilda getting flogged by GC. 40-8 at 3/4 time.

Do they get them to pose like that, say, ‘you’re in the team!’ and then take the photo?

Edit: Actually, Joliffe’s pic looks like they’ve left the lens cap on and asked her to give the same reaction she just had.

I see my ladder prediction is already out of date…

Tell me again how your approach to building a team is so much better, Bin Chickens!

They lose 2-68 to fellow newbies Port.

That’s alright. If these two batters can get in and set, they can start pushing towards 150 and that’s a decent score on a very green deck.


Nominal first draft pick of 2022a responds to Georgie Prespakis.

Another silly result: Freo allow FCFC to draw them 32-32.

We were one point away from making it three draws in a row for them! :grimacing:

Georgie wins.

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I’ve identified (one of the reasons) why Sydney suck:

Stupid learnings.

Lions come from behind to overrun the Dees 42-27.

Still sit in 6th spot. Tied for wins with the 13th placed Eagles, but best % out of the 8 teams on two wins.

Interesting that the AflW are playing the game like the AFL suits want the game played - not how it’s been traditionally played. Tap ons instead of taking possession and being tackled etc. subterfuge at its best. The game is gone in terms of its spirit, or fading faster than ever.

The tap ons were annoying me all game, and the two handed punch in front - you could have taken the mark!!!

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