AFLW coaches and staff

Just watching survivor. Is Kirby Bentley still coaching with us?

No, she was only with our AFLW team in our first season.

I don’t think she is “an AFLW coach” anywhere right now.

In the early publicity photos/clips I thought she was wearing the Bomber team bikini, but then I saw the yellow element.


The training clip in her intro features (only) Ugle, Ryan, and Cornish. It was presumably just a favour from them, rather than any legit EFC VFLW training moment.

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P.S. Moordijt, on her shirt, is a Noongar word meaning great/strong/good.

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It at least gives me someone to follow.

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Why the heck does it say 2023, when surely it should be 2024.

Because, as I said, she was “future endeavoured” after our first season (2022).

But wait, there’s more.

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Not sure if they failed first time on the above, or someone else also left.