AFLW Player Sponsorship EOI 2023


I have received comms from the club that they are running a sponsorship program again for the AFLW.

As per usual, you will be rewarded with a warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting the best AFLW team.

Just wanting to see if there is enough interest in sponsoring a player this season.

Please let me know.


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Yep. Add me in.

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We called G, but all she said was this:

(Now I need a shot of her with her mum, for comparison.)



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I’m in.

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Count me in.

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Yep, count me in too.

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Me too.

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Quick question: are we thinking of sponsoring G again or shall we go for a new player? I have been asked by the club what our thoughts are?

What do ya reckon?

I’m fine to sponsor anyone.
If we choose someone else, I nominate any of the following…
Mia van Dyke
Mia Busch

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Happy to sponsor anyone.

Nomination would be Paige Scott.

A few ways to look at it…

  1. We roll-over Georgia Nanscawen’s sponsorship, taking us from inactive player to absolute gun on the field.

  2. We make a tradition of sponsoring an inactive player. This year we have Cat Phillips sitting out as she’s pregnant.

  3. We sponsor a young, up and coming player.

  4. We sponsor a new player that’s transferred to our club.

  5. Screw it, get the biggest gun player possible.

I’m more inclined to go with 2 and say we sponsor Cat Phillips, but reserve the right to jump on someone else’s suggestion/bandwagon!

Yeah, actually, I really like that idea.

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Holy crap, @PH_WARFRadio is dumping Georgia. He must have taken that recent haircut real bad.


Amber Clarke please, but happy to go with whatever the majority decide.

Count me in, agnostic of whichever player

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WHOA! Hold your horses there. On the personal level, never dumping Georgia!

Although, if she read that now, she’d be rolling her eyes


Bump, any other takers?

Yeah count me in



My girls would prefer Toogood or Prespaksis but :joy: