AFLW Player Sponsorship EOI 2023

I’m a bit surprised.
I thought we’d be the only ones sponsoring Barbs. But she has someone else sponsoring her.

And there are some sponsors with multiple players too.

Some of those names on the list, I can understand. But there’s 3 or 4 there I’d be happy to sponsor.

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Who also solely sponsors three other players. I think they (Geoff Barboro) are the only multi-sponsor.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I think there should be an email from the Blitz expressing our displeasure with the lack of professionalism from our club’s sponsorship department.

If a double-up occured due to all players being sponsored, it wouldn’t be flash, but semi-understandable.

To be told Alana Barba is available, then we end up in a double-up while other players are without a sponsor… that’s simply not good enough, and an ass kicking is deserved!

Yeah, that is disappointing.

It’s not a trivial amount of money that goes toward sponsorship, the least the club could do is have their admin in order.

I will contact the person managing the sponsors and find out why we were allowed to double up?

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If it’s similar to the mens sponsorships, each player can have a certain number of sponsors, and if a sponsor expresses interest in a player and there are spots available, they are able to sponsor them.

I get that it would be preferable to spread the sponsorships across the list, but if a sponsor wants a particular player, would the club want to say ‘no, there are other players that need sponsoring first’ and run the risk of losing the sponsor?