AFLW - round 10 vs Suns @ Mackay, 7:45 (Melb time) Fri 3 November 2023

Anyone else going to be there?

Top 21 this year – but Rowbotton might be out!

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If we lose then QLD teams may be 5th and 6th and we go straight back up the next week for an elimination final.

We win, and we may be fourth playing the Dees.

On the other hand… the Dees play the Bears next week, up there. If the Bears win and we lose, it might be us vs the Pies. If we and the Bears win, we finish fifth and maybe bring the Suns down here (to Princes Park???)

Twelve games left in the H&A, and it’s all up in the air.


Flights up and back to Mackay, just a lazy $1,000… plus accommodation :exploding_head:

Credit card sign-up bonus points are a marvellous thing.

Ideal situation is being 5th with a home final. Worried if we come 4th we’d cop a straight sets to be honest.

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I think we just go for the win and wherever we land, we land.
If we win and finish 4th, we play Melbourne and we see how far away we really are from being a top 4 team.
We could win and finish 5th, but that is unlikely unless Melbourne rest some players.
We could lose and finish 7th or 8th. And either play away at Gold Coast or Geelong (somewhere in the country).

Just try and win. Don’t be afraid of what comes with it (good or bad). Just embrace it for what it is.


They are going to have to come up against a top side sooner or later; might as well have a double chance match.


Okay I’ve changed my mind. Lets do this.

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Suns gun midfielder Charlie Rowbottom is set to miss the game due to an ankle injury!

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In case we play them in week one of finals… is it a two week injury?

Could be. Listed as TBC on the Suns injury summary

Maybe down to 24 degrees during the match. Under 20kph winds to make it slightly more bearable.

Answer: maybe.

The 20-year-old will speak to a surgeon about her options for recovery, with the hope of keeping the door open for a return should Gold Coast qualify for finals.

Tagger Lucy Single will return from suspension, but defender Elise Barwick is out with concussion.

I ended my KAYO and just caught the last game delayed after my second round of covid, now have to reinstate it for this important Friday night game.
I am pumped Go Bomber Girls

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I’ve got the same concern, finishing 4th very likely means week 1 vs dees and week 2 vs lions, very easy to see straight sets exit. Feels wrong to not hope for the win though, and who knows maybe we could beat the lions at home (or maybe they manage to beat the dees and we finish 5th which I agree is the ideal finish)

Getting close to full strength (Barba :broken_heart: ):

Name Injury Weeks
Georgia Gee Calf Test
Steph Cain Concussion Test
Alana Barba Ankle (Syndesmosis) 3-4
Daria Bannister ACL Season

“Gee will train and has progressed positively from her calf strain and will most likely be available for selection”.

The Bombers will reassess Co-Captain Steph Cain this week after the midfielder suffered a concussion in the second quarter of their clash with West Coast.

Cain has made positive steps towards making a return to the side.


Gee replaces van Loon.


Sophie Van De Heuvel has been named to line up for her 50th AFLW game.