AFLW - round 2 vs Fark Carlton @ North Port Oval, 11:10am Sunday 4 September 2022

I would suggest if you do not already have your ticket that you should get it pronto!

north port oval is scum, bring back marvel


Pssst. @theDJR start time is 11:10am

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I’m going to guess this game is actually in September

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Gee if it is 11.10pm, they’re making it hard to get decent crowds

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what ive always wanted, football by midnight


Frew still on 49 goals for EFC. Fark Carlton have copped 9 of those, more than any other team.

Prespakis might be fully fit.

Zanchetta may be available for selection.

Team could get a re-shuffle given FCFC don’t really have Perkins/Luke monster types for us to cover down back.

And what will we do in the ruck, against one of the best in Moody?


Blame @PH_WARFRadio !

does it matter? maddy p is gonna shark everything and get 2022 part 2 MVP

Look, can we at least agree the title is correct in listing Fark Carlton?

P.S. Fark Carlton.


We will WIN!

Come say hello to CBomb.


How does AFLW membership work for these games? Do you still have to reserve a ticket through Ticketmaster or you just rock up?

Have to reserve. And in this case, while not the attraction of game #1, it’s a decent chance to sell out the 6000 capacity.

Though I’m not sure many Fark Carlton fans will turn up.


I take it you have to have AFLW membership; regular Essendon membership doesn’t get you a ticket?

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Correct. You can otherwise pay $10 for entry to any given game (free for <18yo, but there may be an admin fee).

The advance access to tickets for members no longer applies (except maybe for round 10, whose date is TBC).

Went to get my tickets this morning for Fark Carlton, saw that the Dreamtime game is also selling quickly. May have to get that moved too!

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Bought memberships and upgraded for this week’s game. Using Father’s Day powers to make the family come to the footy :grinning:


Needs more [email protected] Carlton

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Why is it so far awaaaay!!!

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