AFLW - Round 5 vs Collingwood @ AIA, 3:10 Friday 23 September 2022

Love the description on the website of how long it takes to get to the ground.

AIA Centre is an approximate 20 minute walk from Melbourne CBD

It is an approximate 30 minute car journey from Melbourne CBD to AIA Centre via Kings Way

Also AFL website says it’s free entry but sounds like you need a ticket.

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AIA Centre… otherwise known as Olympic Park Oval.

Less than 10 min walk from Richmond Station.


Tickets not required. I had a ticket booked and they cancelled it and said that they were no longer required. The issue is that the whole precinct is part of the Grand Final parade and concert. It will be packed.

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If i’m turning up, it has to be a home game for my blanket dammit.

In: Amelia Radford, Meg Ryan (AFLW debut), Renee Tierney (AFLW debut)

Out: Jacqui Vogt, Jordan Zanchetta, Jess Wuetschner

Harsh on pancetta.

Also guessing we didn’t contest Vogt’s ban? Pissant club.



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We’ve gone bigger.

Pies have four changes.

B: S.Casey 22 S.Livingstone 12
HB: A.Porter 9 L.Butler 23 J.Allen 6
C: S.Rowe 7 R.Schleicher 18 S.Chiocci - C 17
HF: A.Brazill 10 J.Membrey 21 J.Lambert 13
F: O.Barber 19 E.James 20
Foll: S.Frederick 1 C.Molloy 2 M.Cann 25
I/C: L.Brazzale 24 C.Taylor 11 S.Sansonetti 16 J.Lin 35 A.Downie 30

Emerg: I.Evans 5 E.Chaston 32 E.Fowler 15

In: L.Brazzale, C.Taylor, J.Lin, A.Downie
Out: I.Evans (omitted), E.Chaston (omitted), T.Brown (injured), A.Sheridan (injured)

Wales back pocket. Marshall ruck. Ryan bench.

B: S.Wales 30 E.Gamble 14
HB: C.Phillips 35 A.Morcom 25 S.Van De Heuvel 27
C: S.Cain 20 M.Prespakis 4 A.Clarke 33
HF: G.Gee 2 S.Alexander 24 P.Scott 32
F: B.Toogood - C 8 D.Bannister 3
Foll: D.Marshall 6 J.Doonan 12 A.Barba 11
I/C: A.Van Loon 26 A.Radford 22 M.Ryan 31 L.Williamson 13 R.Tierney 23

Emerg: M.Van Dyke 19 F.Frew 17 J.Zanchetta 18

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Wuetschner noted as ill.

Vogt suspended.

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GAME DAY… well, not for me yet.

Do we still need to get a ticket even though its free entry?

Are we a chance today? Im really struggling for any kind of formline. I reckon conditions killed our game last week

No ticket required

Are we a chance? Absolutely
Are we a chance of being blown away? Yep

It’s really hard to predict how we will go.

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