AFLW - round 5 vs Pies @ Punt Road, 11:05am Saturday 30 September 2023

I miss the vflw team

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Bannister misses a chance to find a player in space because she can only HB on one side.

Classic Essendon.

Gee whiz that was bad our the gap between our best and worst is huge

Yeah this is really disappointing. I was under the impression this was a winnable game.

Its likes watching the mens team this performnace

Toogood gets one back.

You take Maddie, Bonnie and a few others out and we’re merde


Need more concessions

Clarke drops an absolute sitter in the goal square. Story of the afternoon.

Another goal goes begging after a dropped mark in the goal square. Alexander down on the far wing, stretcher called for.

That’s probably a concussion :confused:

That’s what the ump thinks, anyway. Five metres from obvious head grab and dunk.

Three weeks in a row someone with a concussion.

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No free? That looked liked a sling tackle to cause the concusion

You’re a gun Bonnie…even with the miss


Toogood gets a free for high contact in the ruck, but she sprays it wide. Lots of fumbling today, referred pressure.

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Farkin’ hell. Everyone’s having an off day.

Collingwood is in our heads, man.

I like Scott but man she needs to hit the score board or create scoring chances for the team

Fifty paid against us because their mark was <10m.

Is our best in the closing quarters, and playing up the field rather than forward. Nino not happy.

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