AFLW - round 5 vs Pies @ Punt Road, 11:05am Saturday 30 September 2023

Well that was disappointing. Our forward line was horrible minus Toogood. Our good players are good but gee we carry a lot of players.


God I hate this ■■■■■■■ song.

Need to trade/FA in more quality players

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I’m far from full bottle on the women’s game but it appears to me that we have Toogood & Prespskis who are by far our best players. Obviously we have a few other good players but to me we have too many really average players. When you watch the Demons and Crows you can really tell the gap in class. It’s as if these teams have 5-6 more accomplished players than we do.


Needed Marshall and Doonan in today. Game would have suited them.

Maddy P… 30 touches… but don’t let that fool you. She was underwhelming.
Not many of those touches set anything up for us.

Marshall hasn’t played a single second all year, and didn’t even make the emergencies this week. I honestly have no idea what is going on there.

I liked your call of the game, so thank you for that. Enjoy the long train trip to the south coast next week.

About half of Maddy’s disposals didn’t hit their targets, but the other half did and that puts her into Essendon’s best players, albeit far behind Toogood’s outstanding game.


All players get a pay rise thanks to Nino who is footing the bill.
They’ll love you for it.

Is Barba still in the team? I thought she was good last season.

Barba’s ankle might be fixed by finals.

Sitting with Doonan at 11:03 into the first quarter, smiling at 10:57.

Was perfect timing of the replay as I replied!


Club need more AFLW news


Barba was in a walking boot last week.

Those two teams have years on us as far as building a culture.
Our team has a great culture.
Need some patience and let the women grow and develop a bit.


Most of women’s stuff is on Insta.
That’s where a majority of the audience go to.

13 of the teams are shaky to bad (everyone but the Big Four, and to a lesser extent Geelong).

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I ended up working today so only caught bits and pieces.
We got the raw end of the stick umpiring wise (and I’m usually calm with them).
Started off well but were flat after the first ten minutes. In all honesty the crowd was pretty ■■■■■■ (thanks to all EFC who turned up) and I think they rise in front of a crowd.
We got caught in the contest too much and our in close handballing wasn’t crisp.
From what I saw they beat us with running power.

Shouldn’t be a factor but hay fever today popped up out of nowhere.

What I saw with the Pies was what I saw in their opening game against Melbourne.
I have no idea how the Saints beat the Pies.

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They used the wind better; they kicked it over our defenders heads into an open 50 and ran onto it a couple of times.

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There were a few times when we were kicking with the wind that we ran forward of the ball too.
Defenders were forced to push up.

Also, the Kodi error in the goal square seemed to affect her confidence a bit.
Mia Busch really puts in effort.
She had a goal line save that was great to watch.


Our kick-mark game was great early. In the first half, the Pies got a few arsey goals and the wind was up and down and around a few poor times. The last 45 minutes was an unremarkable draw.

Pies deserved the win, but there wasn’t much in it off the scoreboard.

Huge opportunity ladder-wise for us today, not taken.

Tackle and kicking-in-danger/taking the legs umpiring was… not ideal.