AFLW - round 5 vs Pies @ Punt Road, 11:05am Saturday 30 September 2023

By theory the defence had been playing well, but were exposed today in two areas, that C-Bomb talked about on the call (and is a Dani Marshall strength).

  1. With defence going up the ground at times, no one was home playing “goal keeper”. A couple of important soccer off the ground goals by the Pies happened because of this. We don’t allow those, it’s a much different looking game heading into that third quarter.

  2. We were getting bogged down between half-back flank and centre wing, with this short little chip kicks that would blow up in our face most times. The Pies has a press going on, playing matching up one-on-one 35 metres down the line from the kicker. We needed someone with a big leg to receive the handball and pump it down the line a good 50-60 metres and create some space for our forwards to work with.


Woosh continues to be a non-event.

Not sure if Amber is still broken and that’s why we plopped her forward for much of the game… but we didn’t pop it over the top for her to run off her opponent, but bombed it long to her to (attempt to contested) mark.

Brown started the slide with that horrendous kick-out.

Dyke 42% time-on-ground, down from 64% last week. Not obvious why.

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56 photos at

Ruck-wise it was close enough to a draw (the amount of times these two had equal and opposite/cancelling contact with the ball was off the charts) but Wales won on and around the ground.

The “grab the ball from the ruck, get tackled, don’t attempt to dispose” thing annoys me.



Best kick off the ground was by ex-soccer-player Radford in the last quarter, though (go to 9:35).

COLLINGWOOD 2.2 4.4 5.7 6.8 (44)
ESSENDON 1.0 2.1 2.2 3.6 (24)

Collingwood: Porter 2, Sheridan, Fowler, Smith, Morris
Essendon: Toogood 3

Collingwood: Rowe, Davey, Porter, Sheridan, Frederick
Essendon: Prespakis, Toogood, Nanscawen, Wales, Cain

Collingwood: Nil
Essendon: Sophie Alexander (concussion, taken to hospital)

Silly hat given plenty of coverage from 4:47 in the third quarter.

Gamble’s chase from 15:03 in the third quarter was very poor.

Not sure if she was cooked a couple minutes after halftime, or made an extremely poor call on whether the ball would go out of bounds.

Crowd is listed as 1422.

I suspect they use different counting methods to those used at Windy Hill.

Wasn’t able to watch this game. And was only able to watch like 5 mins of the Adelaide game.

What I take from this is I need to make sure I’m free when we are playing…

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In related news: if more people voted for the CMM, we’d win more games.


They can be a bit more picky with who they scan in.
Basically, anyone with an accreditation should be scanned in and counted.
At Windy Hill, that can easily be let go.

We get a full grandstand and two rows back at the fence at Windy Hill and it’s around 2.8k.
There is no way there were 1.4k there. That was barely 1 row back at the fence, no grandstand and a hill.

Oh well…
Off to our home game against Geelong in Warrnambool next week…

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9 - Bonnie Toogood (ESS) = 5+4
8 - Sarah Rowe (COLL) = 5+3
5 - Madison Prespakis (ESS) = 4+1 or 3+2
5 - Brittany Bonnici (COLL) = 4+1 or 3+2
3 - Alana Porter (COLL) = 2+1


43 Jasmine Garner (NMFC)
38 Monique Conti (RICH)
36 Kate Hore (MELB)
33 Laura Gardiner (SYD)
32 Tyla Hanks (MELB)
31 Bonnie Toogood (ESS)
30 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)
30 Charlie Rowbottom (GCFC)
29 Ally Anderson (BL)
28 Alyce Parker (GWS)
28 Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC)
26 Nina Morrison (GEEL)
26 Madison Prespakis (ESS)
25 Claudia Whitfort (GCFC)
24 Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
22 Ally Morphett (SYD)
22 Aine Tighe (FRE)
20 Emily Bates (HAW)
19 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
19 Brittany Bonnici (COLL)
19 Dakota Davidson (BL)
19 Jaimee Lambert (STK)
19 Georgie Prespakis (GEEL)

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