AFLW - round 6 vs Cats @ bloody Warrnambool, 1:05pm Sunday 8 October 2023

I believe Blitz has an existing opinion on whether WSPHU :wink:


Yes. Very much so.

No question that WSPHU.

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Our changes from last year vs Geelong are not like-for-like. I started pairing them, but it was kinda pointless (even nominal same position players like Barton and Gamble are not really comparable).

In Out
K Jacques M Busch
M van Dyke A Barba
B Walker C Phillips
M van Dyke F Frew
G Nanscawen J Wuetschner
E Gamble O Barton

Geelong changes from last year – they traded mid gun Laura Gardiner to the Swans for Oldies pick 1, and took their current 194cm ruck Erin Hoare with that.

Hoare is the tallest player in the league, and replaces Fuller.

L Gardiner G Prespakis
O Fuller E Hoare
A Johnson A Moloney
B Plummer Abbey McDonald
M Keryk R Kearns
M Skinner K Surman


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Almost at Colac on the early morning train to Warrnambool.

Our commentary position is meant to be the trestle table in the grandstand!


Make sure those trestle table legs are stable.

So what’s the realistic expectation today? Both teams on three wins but Cats seem to have been a bit more convincing with a more balanced spread of performance in their team. A win is certainly possible but a 2-3 goal defeat feels likely. Am I off track with this?

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Geelong >>> Collingwood

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Anything better than the Adelaide game and I’ll be happy.

Geelong are a damn good team.

Reid Oval is not short, but it’s nothing like Kardinia Park.

Key Stat Areas

Essendon handball the ball significantly more than Geelong, while the Cats kick the ball significantly more than the Bombers, so today’s clash will be one of very different gamestyles.

Another interesting area to look at is hitouts compared to clearances. Geelong has been doing better in the hit outs, but Essendon has been doing better in clearances, both overall and specifically when broken down into centre and stoppage clearances.

Key Match Up/s

Madison Prespakis vs Amy McDonald

As the saying goes it all starts in the middle, and these two really are the in and unders that get things going for their respective sides. They are the ones that feed it out to the outside runners, so will certainly want to keep the other quiet and keep first use of the ball out of a contest all to themselves.

Bonnie Toogood vs Georgie Rankin

Toogood is the focal point in attack for Essendon, and a lot of Essendon’s forward half success does rest on her shoulders. Rankin is the Geelong defender most likely to go to her as she is the one that can match Toogood the best for both height and mobility.

Ellyse Gamble vs Aishling Moloney

Up the other end, despite her relative newness to the game Moloney has already proven how much she belongs at this level and how much of a strong target she can be in attack for the Cats. Gamble or whoever else ends up on Moloney will have to be particularly mindful of her marking ability.

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Obligatory weekly mention of that poor bastard Cloke.


Sorry Mia, but faaaaaaaaaaark. Late change is…

IN: Mia Busch
OUT: Jacqui Vogt (injured)

If you are watching from home, due to Bathurst race, the footy will be on Seven Mate

The Prespskis girls for the second time are ‘versing’ each other. I can’t standing the Americanisation of our sport. They’re ‘playing against’ or ‘competing’ against each other! Controversial I know. Oh well, I guess that bird flew a while ago :smile:


8 point game!



BALL much?

Their Prespakis deliberate out, our Prespakis gets the free.

Cain set shot…

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Chips under it.

Cain is on NINA. Trapped in our half.

G and Prespakis leading the disposals early.

Other Prespakis is third on 4 disposals.

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0-1, Gamble touched the Scheer kick on the line.

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