AFLW - round 9 vs Dees @ Casey, 5:10pm Sun 23 October 2022

Closer to Melbourne, in Mildura, quarter-by-quarter score has gone 26-0, 0-8, 19-0 in favour of the Tigers vs Giants. The Bureau says no appreciable wind.

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I dunno if anyone is there to improve on this, but apparently a balmy 18° at Casey and the 25kph wind is mostly cross-field to the camera. Maybe slightly favouring the left/north.

Bonnie needs to hit the score board started with a bang againt Hawks and hasent really fired a shot since

Disagree. She’s been in our best almost every week. Personally I think our issues are we’re a bit too Maddy focused at stoppage and lack height/presence down back.


Will Nat do anything to help Maddy not get sat on all game?

Its Maddy or bust in the middle right now

Bottom 3 on the ladder yet in touching distance with for a top 8 spot lols

Very windy at Casey


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Scott and Bannister

Smash some Dees

Oh no Underwood is commentating.

Come on Dons.

Thought Barba gave up on the chase a touch too easy.


That was embrassing

not a new sensation for you hey nino?

Nope haha

Melbourne 7 year team
Essendon first season

Bs set up imo why not have a confrence system with groups all the first year teams play in one group

The top sides play each other in another group

That wasn’t ball on Fede, come on ump…

Won’t lie. I thought it was.

not after the dees player didn’t kick it and it got called play on 30seconds beforehand

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Gee that was too easy

rubbish umpiring, didn’t call the dees player back to the mark

How many frees dees fmd