AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


im at a 90% its the bulldogs ■■■■ lawyers fwiw.


The shortness of the ‘season’ means it’s difficult to feel that bad about her missing the granny. Understandable to be upset because it’s only an annual thing, but really, what is it 6 games? It’s not the top of the mountain, not even a hill. Make the season longer, let attrition occur naturally, something at stake other than a brief bit of AFL fanfare. Then we can talk appeals and fines.


So why have the AFL scheduled the AFLW GF to be on the same weekend as Round 1 of the AFL? Why not schedule their season to have the GF last weekend, when there was no other footy being played? Weird.


It was a good tackle


Was Brennan really playing the sexism card though? What she said is factual because the AFL or Michael Christian, I can’t remember which, said women would get suspended for things men would get fined for because they don’t get paid much and the fines would really hurt. I don’t see why they couldn’t just scale the fines accordingly but I’ve given up trying to understand the AFL and its tribunal.


“I know if it were a man I’d be playing”

What an astonishingly ridiculous thing to say.


Yes, she played the sexism card as she is going to the Human Right tribunal claiming discrimination.

I’d imagine she has little support from the male population and marginally more from females. Daisy Pearce even thinks its ridiculous. As others have said, I’m so not surprised its the Bulldogs pushing this though.



not happy.


I take offence to her playing the sexism card.

if women want to play football on an equal basis they have to accept the decision of the tribunal just like the boys and not demand to be treated differently.




Maybe the fine should be a % for everyone, rather than a stupid figure that players laugh at.
$1500 for a player earning $500k is nothing. If an AFLW player is earning $5k for the season, that would be equivalent to $15.


acting like we wouldn’t try to go to the highcourt if zach was banned heading into a grand final…


Yes, because if she was a man - she would not be playing.
Because only women play in the women’s league.


I noticed walking into the tribunal she was drinking VOSS water. If I was on $5K a year I’d be bring my own water bottle. Something fishy going on there…


Surely if a correct decision was made by the MRP, then we wouldn’t have this farce.


Isn’t this her issue though. For a male AFL player the tackle results in a fine yet she gets suspended for the same offence.


For a year or two the AFL were fining players 1/52 of their wage for melees. Not sure why that was ditched



Pelting rain

Grand Final is gonna be a must watch classic

First goal wins


I would have thought men get suspended for that tackle, not fined.