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With no Essendon team in the comp, do you have any interest in the competition at all?

Would you follow it more if there were an Essendon team, and do you hope we will eventually field one?

Personally I find it hard to care at all, and not because of the standard, which I am sure will be excellent, but because there is no chance in hell I’ll be barracking for anyone other than the mighty red and black.



No, indifferent

The standard will be crap for at least a decade until the wave of current 8-12 year olds get to draft age, and even then I’m not sure the current junior pathway is anywhere near comparable to the current men’s (more like back in the zoning days than TAC cup era)

If there is a team called Essendon wearing red and black I’m interested

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Do i care, nope not at all.

Do i want Essendon to have a team. Nope, not at all. I would rather Essendon spend money on the men and doing everything possible to give them the best chance at succeeding

Yep. Hope the girls make a go of it.

We will field a team eventually, and then I will follow a team not just the game in general.

I think if someone has given them a league where they can play against the best female players in the land then the girls with a chance to participate would be mad not too. I would encourage anyone to get involved in any sport they love at the highest level they can. I don’t care that the standard won’t be what I get at an AFL game; I’ll go to them to see the highest skill level. Jesus, I’ve watched many, many local league games, schoolboy games etc where the standard was less than perfect. I’ll just enjoy it for what it is, and hope the girls enjoy it too. It’s a great game. Everyone should be encouraged to play it.


No. I hate it simply because its being force fed.

personally just would like to see Essendon do it right when they do enter it, don’t half ■■■■ anything.

I’m interested in it being a success. The more kids that participate the more interest there is in the game at all levels.
I’m not that interested in the competition until we field a team.

I’d love it if someday my little girl played for the Bombers.

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I’d be more interested if it had nothing to do with the AFL.

I am looking forward for the opportunity it affords all women athletes that they can have the same opportunities as the boys. I was disappointed that EFC didn’t field a team in the foundation year. It would have been great to have both men and women foundation sides.
I also think people have to see it as a different game. Rules might be the same or similar, but just like most other sports played by both genders, the game is played differently and should be appreciated for what it is, not compared to what the men do.
I am really looking forward to it, but I am less enthusiastic than I would be if there was and EFC side.

Yes, I’m interested in it and think it’s great to finally get a women’s league. I probably won’t show as much interest in it though as I would if there was a Dons team.

I’d love to see us part of it one day with GWS like concessions but I’d rather us focus on our debt for a few years.

I feel bad that I don’t care.
I’d care more if Essendon had a national netball team than a women’s football team.

I really like women’s sport; beach volleyball, tennis and mud wrestling.

Not sure women’s footy will do it for me though, unless the uniforms are Lycra.

Of course I care, women having the same opportunities to succeed at top level sport is extremely important in this day and age. I hope the move from semi professional to full time professional happens quicker than it did for the men.

I am a supporter of the game growing in all aspects, whether its gender, internationally, and even to wider parts of Australia. If we want our game to continue to flourish we need it to hit as many people in the world as possible.

Once we are out of the hole of debt we are in, we’ll be fielding a team no doubt.

I like the idea of it, not sure how much i will get to see tnough. Prolly should go switch it on, lol.
I saw a pic of one of the girls from a qld team kicking on the run and her follow through almost had her doing the splits. Im really interested in how the women will interpret the game and what styles of game play they can come up with or exploit with their skill sets.


I’ll go to the odd game and certainly watch it on TV. I’ll attend a lot more often if and when Essendon fields a team.

I expect the standard to be pretty ordinary to begin with but that’s ok, it will be interesting to watch it improve over time.

Couldn’t give a stuff to be honest. Even if there was an Essendon team.


No interest at all

No Essendon, no interest.
Will I watch a game?
May depend on how readily available it is?
I won’t go looking for it.

(With no direct knowledge) I suspect the style of women’s footy might be a throw back to the 90’s with 1:1 contests all over the field. So, this part of the game may be an attraction for the impartials.