AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


It’s crap, like basketball up and down the ground, no interest whatsoever, turned it off.


Its a bit of fun. Shame they aren’t selling merchandise at the ground. Wanted a Deadly’s shirt.


How many people actually at the ground?


This has to be the best thing about the night. Looks great in red and black.


Reckon 10,000. Hard to tell. Most of level one sold out. Beanbags next to the field popular.



Shiel the ultimate professional is probably thinking “Why am i wearing this crap” lols




I think all of them except maybe Dangerfield will be thinking that :yum:


Wow Cripps makes it look so easy.


I did see somebody get tackled and HTB was paid.




I actually didn’t know this was on tonight and was flicking through channels and thought - ok, give it 5 minutes. It is, in context, the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. As in, someone thought this would be good. FK Me.

I know I’m not RC in saying that. But it is the first time I’ve actually seen it, so give me some leeway.

And is some prick actually wearing one of those basketball arm sleeve things? Jebuss. AFLPOX

One last thing: I’m pretty fkn glad that the 5 minutes I watched it I didn’t have the sound up. I don’t care what happens to Brayshaw, I just don’t want him anywhere near any public broadcast of anything anymore.


Hodge just cost his team a grand final spot by giving away a free kick.


Hurley is getting a bath


This is actually faeces. Even half blind this is like watching faeces exit the ■■■■.


It is great to see so many champions and young stars out there, but the game needs some changes to make it more authentic & entertaining.


Hates a 1 on 1


I am a purist and they lost me when they got rid of the Zooper Dooper Goal.


Here is a thought maybe instead of doing this teams thing with aflx they should do it for good old regular AFL.

Then I might actually be interested.


Players wouldn’t participate