AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


So what are we all going to complain about now?


Was speaking to a bloke at work. Would be great to do an All-Star weekend.

Vic vs Allies game on one night.

Rookie game (e.g 1st year vs 2nd year) on the next.

Maybe a goal kicking challenge if they want to go full American.




Did we win?




Did it cause you pain when you were that thing?


This is a horrible suggestion


Maybe something Essendon related?
Or even something to do with actual football.


Any report on how our guys went?


No injuries is all that matters



What exactly am I looking at in the video?


Ouch! He got falconed.


Needs to be state of origin so you have some patriotic allegiances

Even the big bash has state/city teams to follow


drugs isn’t it


Even in SofO I only care about the Essendon players…
but this aflx game is not worth watching no matter how they construct the teams. The player interviews and commentry were cringeworthy - trying to convince us that it was all “fantastic fun” and the kids just “love” it and how great the afl were for organising such a great, exciting event with ‘true champions of the game displaying their unique skills’. Take away all the hype and what are we left with - a very boring game.


The mass stacks on behind the goals were quite entertaining. By the end of the matches must of been about 50 people diving on the ball, suspect an injury must of occurred there.


When I tuned in at the end they were saying they had ‘28,000 people here, if not 28,000, certainly 25,000…’

No one in the top deck.
Middle decks sparsely populated.

And why didn’t they move the seats in? They were playing on a soccer field


Did Hurley really get comprehensively beaten 1v1 constantly?


I noticed Fyfe is now going in for surgery on his elbow.

If an Essendon players surgery was being delayed due to that ridiculous AFLX rubbish I dare say this place would go into full meltdown.