AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


You can’t possibly be concerned about 8v8 garbage on a soccer pitch.
The game is friggin’ designed for forwards.


Not sure if they’re talking rubbish or not, but they’re saying he’ll still play JLT. Possibly game 1, but certainly game 2.


It’s possible but I think it says a lot about how much the AFL want that format to work.

I suspect Fyfe would have had external pressure to play through without surgery.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he announces the surgery the very next day.


They aren’t doing an elbow replacement. A little keyhole clean up is all.


I get that but it’s more that they could have done this weeks ago and reduce the chance of complications.

But obviously Fyfe is one of the major drawcards.

I think it’s significant but that’s just me.


How much was he paid, outside the salary cap, for that night’s work again?


enough to convince him to stay @ freo?



I think that’s a good indicator of why he might have delayed it.

I would be curious how Freo supporters would feel about their captain and best player putting AFLX in front of the club.


He was beaten once in a one on one. He had one Clanger kick, but he also drilled a number of impressive passes and played his part in a pretty open game where the players were not going in hard, but rather having fun.


I reckon wob means last year. If so, worpel for the winning goal.


Hurley has been garbage one on one for the past two seasons. Not a surprise.




And people on here think I’m negative haha alex takes the cake.


I don’t think you’re negative. You’re just a chronic panic merchant.


It’s the reflex post that kills you FN… don’t have to tell us every single thought as soon as it pops into your head.
Give it 2 mins, then post.


The last couple of goals, if not the whole game was absolutely staged.

Super goal game changer or whatever it was, just so happens they both took easy grabs or soft frees and goaled.


Is it not true?


You guys have really screwed me over.

Sold my house, went crazy last night, called my boss and called him a fark Carlton supporting fark.

Assumed the world would end because of AFLX.


Probably a bit early to be spruiking for next year.


Worried about Shiel’s ability to finish which was further reinforced last night.