AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


Alex isn’t negative. He just enjoys taking the ■■■■ and upsetting everyone. Definition of a troll.


That sure was the worst game I’ve ever seen, somehow worse than last year.


I forgot this was on and when flipping the channels came across it last night.
Watched a couple of tippas possessions then changed channels again.
It was like kick to kick up and down the field.
Could barely tell who was who,stupid teams, tops etc.
Little interest in concept, give me a practice match any day.

Crowd was like 23,500 they probably gave away more Tickets than that.

@Catherine_Lio ask Xavier if he can arrange a practice match against the pies or Richmond in Launceston next year. Doesn’t have to be jlt.
Free entry would be great.


Betts was again the target of online racism during AFLX. When will this crap stop?


Probably never


Yes it’s true. You take the cake…and then you complain about it.


Depends what cake it is


Wonder how long it will take the afl to realise no one gives a sh*t about this garbage


They already know it’s rubbish but they don’t care.

They will stick with it and you will like it.


I’m not so sure that would matter


Yellow cake


{spin} I think you’re being manifestly unfair. The people have voted with their feet. 20,000 is a raging success considering it’s the off-season. Those figures prove there is a real appetite out there for AFLX, and they were rewarded with a rip-roaring final with a nail-biting finish. We couldn’t be more pleased. {/spin}


Give this man a job in the top office


It was really just a marketing opportunity to gather the cream of the crop together, let them enjoy each other’s company for a day or two then have a few sessions practising pin pointing kicks. I am pleased there was no tackling (gather this was a rule??) as it would have been devastating to get an injury in this fairy floss game.
The players seemed/pretended to enjoy it.
Only benefit I can see is for the likes of McGrath & Walla to rub shoulders with some of the older stars.


326,000 metro viewers – 201,000 in Melbourne.


With that crowd of 20,000 or whatever it was, I’d love to know 2 things:

  • the real figure…20,000 seemed extremely generous to me based on what it looked like in the few minutes I had it on
  • how many of those people paid. I’d be very surprised if more than a quarter of them paid, based on all the freebies that were apparently being handed out.


keep your eye on the kid right next to the left goal post


I remember reading the cost to do it often makes it pointless unless it’s a big crowd.


Ouch, poor kid


AFLX - kid friendly