AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


Can we sue if they get injured? ■■■■


Q. Level of interest in AFLX draft?
Ans: The Blitz server didn’t crash



We’re one of only five teams with four players picked, so there’s that…I guess


You fkn idiot Hurley, why did you nominate to play with those fkn wrists.


I’d prefer we weren’t in it but whatevs. Guys like Walla and McG will get a huge buzz mixing with the other players, and it should be no more dangerous than an intraclub.


AFLX - three white teams and one black team. Should they put that on the poster perhaps?

Such a stupid idea, and yet it’s like no 85 on the list of AFLX stupid things


I must admit. I don’t really understand the concept. Had no idea AFLX wasn’t club aligned teams. Who do we support? Not like one side is stacked with a few Essendon players. Are the clubs state aligned? Please explain…


AFL X is the lamest thing to have ever happened. Seriously stinks like faeces.


Agreeing with Alex? Well pigs may fly after all…


Seriously, what happens if a player goes down to a season ending injury? Are the clubs compensated in anyway?


why Would they? It’d be the same as any other pre season comp


In most other preseason comps players are playing for their teams, not some fever dream cooked up by the AFLs best and brightest


I don’t think it really matters. It’d all be in the contracts that they sign with their clubs.


I’d like to see Tippa vs McGrath running around passing the ball to each other and giving high fives totally taking the ■■■■.



4 best 22 players right there from us. AFL better have good compo for clubs if they get injured.


We better at least get a proportional piece of the revenue pie considering Essendon fans will likely make up a disproportionate %age of the audience.


I’d say second.


Relax, no one will be going full click in any of these games. Mutual interest for all involved is to avoid injury.

Just let the four lads enjoy their easiest pay day ever.


Where are all the ■■■■ Carlton players?