AGM/Board Election notes

as you might have guessed - this is for all things AGM/Board Election!

Candidates are welcome to start their own threads to introduce themselves, put forward their views on why they would be a valuable addition to the board, answer questions etc.

None of the candidates are endorsed by Blitz - this is simply a forum for discussion.

Only registered Blitz members have access to this section - if non-members wish to read/add comments/start threads, they will need to sign up first.

General rules of Blitz still apply - see if you need a recap!

Everyone should be aware that it is not the intention of the Moderating team to allow Candidate threads to head down the pathway taken by last years NR thread. Non genuine, derisive or inflammatory posts will be removed and Blitzers will face suspensions.

However, it is also incumbent on Candidates to make the effort to interact regularly and honestly to legitimate questions and positions put forward by Blitz members. In short, Do not start a thread if you haven’t the time and/or inclination to see it through because the Mod team have better things to do as well.

As voting has now finished, the nominee threads have been closed. Many thanks to the nominees for their involvement on Blitz, and good luck!