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Have so far received about 8 quotes for landscaping to be done in South East Melbourne. I am really surprised the differences in quotes considering they are being asked to do the same thing. My lowest has been about $9K and my highest has been $18K.

The lowest have been from small businesses in the local area (no being racist, but these have been from Indian nationality) and they have only had 2 reviews on their FB page. The bigger ones are from bigger companies.

We are trying to get one between $10K-$13K as we do have a decent size backyard. The last bloke to come out was great. Really relaxed and happy to chat. Even offered to remove some of the play equipment that we had installed (would do a seperate quote).

The biggest issue has been finding information on the artificial turf companies these guys would be using. One of the biggest make their own artificial turf. some of the others use groups who only have a FB page (and no actual website).

Melbourne? Easy or west?

Melbourne South East.

do not go the Indian cheap route. they are all (well, the majority) cheap operators who use sh*t products and dont do the little things correctly. they are all about doing it as cheap and as quick as possible, zero pride in their work


That’s our line of thought. One said it would take him a month to do as he also works at a supermarket and does Landacaping solo.

The other had 2 reviews written in their language on the FB page. We only stumbled upon him by chance as his work vehicle was parked on a nearby street.

when I was a gyprocker, we used to have this Asian team of about 8 guys do a house in a day, at half the price we quoted . they would undercut us all the time because people only care about what price they pay so they would get the work.

they are trade killers. their workmanship is terrible generally and thats the problem. ive been in houses they have done and because they are all about how quick they can get it done, the quality is poor and I guarantee their have been repairs in the houses they have done

I echo what others are saying, and it is not racist in any way, but we have been burnt with landscaping and garden work from guys from Indian or Asian heritage.

They work hard and their prices are good, and they usually deliver on time, but quality of work, skills and quality of materials was where we came undone. And even if they are part of a large francise, in one case for us, KwikKerb , make sure you get at least three references in your area and go and look at them.

Wow this thread turned to ■■■■ quicker than one could have expected.

Do your reviews and checks before engaging people to do work for you.

I’ve seen just as many horror stories with white lazy inept bogans who don’t give a ■■■■ about your fkg garden/ the service there are delivering


Just because you say “it’s not racist” doesn’t mean it isn’t.

If you don’t want to hire someone based on race. It’s 100% racist. It’s you choice of course as it’s your money. But still absolutely racist.


Yea we have been using the ones that people have asked about as many in my area want to get Artificial Turf.

One I looked at who was recommended has a few bad reviews in regards to workmanship and another saying they had to reschedule a booking but he refused and took the deposit saying she cancelled. but what got me was that he commented on their reviews and was having a go at them using his own personal account (and not his business one) which got my back up as I flat out don’t want to deal with people like that.

The big name one I really like but is well out of our budget as we are wanting to go no more than $13K.

It’s hard to see some of the workmanship in galleries on their website or FB page as they all look good. e.g

but looking at that… is there wrinkles in the grass?? or is it just the brushing of the sand into the grass lmao…

Make sure they are qualified, minimum cert III landscape construction.

Any job over 7k they also should have builders reg.

Any idiot can buy a wheelbarrow and call themselves a landscaper, it is, however a real trade. 4 year apprenticeship just like being a sparkie or plumber.

Unfortunately its not regulated.

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Update: The bloke sent us an invoice tonight. Hit the $18.2K which is about 4K more than we can maximum afford. Wife had good feelings with this one but now is about ready to back up in terms of getting quotes and just stick with our swampy backyard. We have one more who have their own artificial turf. Praying it is under 15K

“I’m not racist, but I’m prejudging someone’s work based on the colour of their skin”

Not racist though!

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Not everyone who judges somebody on the colour of their skin is racist, but everyone who is racist judges somebody on the colour of their skin.
You’re probably not pointed in the best direction with that mentality, but as you say. You may not be racist.


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Maybe it’s about the quality of their work?

And maybe that’s because of differences in culture, rather than difference in race?

Ah yes, that makes it better :+1:

How does it not?

I’m not even sure it’s worth going down that rabbit hole. It’s semantics. Same thing at the end of the day. Prejudice against a person based off nothing other than their affiliation with a particular group.

It’s a game of probability.

If you’re affiliated with a group with a well founded reputation for shoddy construction and a consumer chooses a more desirable candidate of a different group the consumer cannot be accused of anything or shouted down with the same tired, old buzzwords.