Alternative Rock

Was wondering if people could point me in the direction of songs/albums that have a similar sound to

NIN - reptile

APC - counting bodies like sheep

Korn - coming undone

Specifically after an industrial feel with a percussive driven rhythm and vocals similar to what Jonathan Davis and David Dramain would produce

i dont know anyting new, but i thought Ministry was kind of like NIN

Doesn’t have to be new

It’s just a sub-genre/style I’m only beginning to get into (having been on a power metal bender for the best part of 4 years)

These guys are pretty good, definitely not new though: 



Also, Karnivool have the percussive driven rhythm down pat.



Ah, the most popular unpopular music listing (see also the JJJ Top 100 thread).

There is a half decent app that suggests similar artists. It’s called discovr. Should be available on any modern phone.

As far as offering some suggestions…

Disturbed are worth listening to. Especially their stuff from five to ten years ago.

Soil are also pretty good. Again their stuff from around 2006 was good.

Rob Zombie and Rammstein had some decent stuff for a while as well.

Finger Eleven is another good band that fits somewhat in this genre.

Three Days Grace, Unloco & Alter Bridge are also worthwhile but more on the outskirts of alternative.

these guys are enigma, i was a massive fan a while back (93-95) but having listened to them recently, theres just something lacking, not sure what i saw in it, but this is unsung is a great track, i like this one too. rhythm in the middle is similar to NIN

oh yeah, this ■■■■. youll love it!!!!


Butthole surfers

bit of this might be up your alley, shows its age, but still timeless

ok, so i dont know about the vocals, but this is kind of industrial, drum driven, and cowpoke crossover ■■■■

yeah, shouldve read the OP. i went back and listened to Korn and Disturbed. i think the beat of Helmet with the vocals of Rollins would kind of work?


anyway, ive probably offered nothing to you sorry Eastie, good luck.

All good man!

If I pick up a few other bands to listen to along the way I’ll consider it a win lol