An Open Letter to the administration of the Essendon Football Club

Shut up & donate to the flight plan.

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We have set the bar so low we get smashed and it’s a testament to the players.

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as far as insights, id like to think ive pointed out some issues with Coaching, Gameplan, recruitment, development and culture.


Sorry, but you know what will become of the game plan opinions of a fan forum extraordinnaire. And rightly so.

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Lmao, comedy gold!

I suspect they’ll be a substantial drop in numbers next year.

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I know for a FACT that Essendon staff reads this forum. So for the love of God, please do something. I rather us go out on a limb so try something different rather than the same stuff for the last 20 years. I won’t as far to say the “whatever it takes” attitude, but it is now time to try something different.

  1. If we need to rebuild, acknowledge it and DO it. If that means we apologise as we sold a lemon to Shiel, Smith and co, then we apologise.
  2. Our reputation as a destination club is gone, and with the record of achievements in the past 3 years, no verbal sell will work. The trust can only be rebuilt by actions and outcomes.
  3. We, as a club, need to complete culture change top down. I just read Woohsa’s tweet and it is appalling to accept today’s result. This is a culture of mediocrity. What is a bad result? An 80 point thumping?
  4. Let’s just remove Woosha now. I don’t care how marketing X frames it. Everybody knows he is nothing but a $1m mouthpiece. Give Truck clear air but clear accountability.
  5. I hope the media sets a blowtouch to Essendon this week. I am calling for all ex players and administrators in the media to give it to them.

I have been a member for just over 20 years. As at 31st December 2020, I will give me membership fee to the Salvos. At least that charity does something good.



I can just see the reply…

“Thank you for contacting the club. Please be advised that any further correspondence is to be directed toward the nearest brick wall.”

This is the greatest tipping point since our last great tipping point last week. And the week before that.


And for what it’s worth Benny - I do agree with most of what you said. Was just taking the pi 55


Um, I don’t know how to break this to you…


How much is a Sydney membership mate? We off to the next hub game?

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Think they’re doing 2 for 1 at the moment.

What about a maccas voucher as well. Can’t be used with any other offer


You do know 1/2 the best 22 are injured
Short breaks; COVID19 hub restrictions injuries
FFS what did you expect
The fact they managed to break even in the 2nd half shows it’s not all hopeless

Even the Pies are struggling


Can we start a petition insisting on getting answers on the clubs direction?


Just excuses. We have been shyte all year. Supporters like you are validating what the club is dishing up year after year. Go and support Fitzroy.


please. This is the ■■■■■ the club has said for 15 years.

No ■■■■■■■ excuse for not putting pressure on. Not too difficult to punch the ball. Basic skills are appalling.


Sit tight, be confident

You must of read a few of these then over the past 16 years Of mediocrity.

It’s not cringey at all. It’s bloody well written and sums up the situation succinctly.