An Open Letter to the administration of the Essendon Football Club


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You all know the club has already spammed you with these offers


Boycotting the club will be the only way things change. If they suddenly only had 20,000 members next year they might finally realise what a joke of a club we are


I’m getting to the point where I no longer have the energy to continue anymore. A loss is just meh. A win is not that great either because we stumble over bottom sides.

We’ve consistently supported the club through everything they’ve thrown at us over the last 15 years. We’ve stood by the players during the supplement saga. We’ve come back after every humiliating EF thrashing. We’ve ridden the waves of optimism and disappointment after the sacking and appointment of every new coach.

We’ve continued to break membership records and shown up to games in numbers unconditionally. We’ve donated to the flight plan and did our job as supporters to put the club in the best position it can be in. I really don’t think anyone at the club really cares. I think it’s time for them to earn our support back.


If this is true, can “they” reply, even if it’s anonymously through one of the administrators, to outline the true attitude within the heart of the club.

My sons chose to help their mum in the garden rather than watch today’s game because they are sick of losing and can’t understand why our guys don’t try as hard as the other teams. (Their words, not mine)


I didn’t renew this year.

I purchased a GWS membership


Three humans and a dog not renewing in this house next year.

You’d think being a footy club, that yet another year of middling to bottom dwelling results would be enough, wouldn’t you?

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Oooo kaaayyy, … slowly backs out of thread, … :confused:

Then what’s left, you vote with your feet. The EFC is selectively deaf, it mmay be they only they hear is when members start voting with their feet. Then they start listening. Otherwise just more hope and promises never fulfilled.

There is literally only one reason the club has members.

If you withdraw financial support they ‘may’ listen.

But let’s be honest, this club has its head so far up its own backside they likely won’t hear a thing.

  • we will not win a flag before Carlton or at least the next 10 years
    -woosha, the board and admin have set us back for another decade at least
  • we need to force change

Thinking to start up a fan YouTube channel to get the message across for accountability and change.

Would like to do a petition to get the wheels in motion.

I don’t want this to get toxic for the club but might need to for the club to wake up.

  • Coaching appointment process right through since Sheedy and finally now Rutten - Horrible
  • No ability to understand what positions/type of players are needed from a team/list point of view and recruiting
  • Constantly playing players who are under performing and picking players on favouritism
  • Lack of leadership on the ground
  • Inability to change a game style if it is not working and inability of the coaches to change the players mindset.
  • Lack of leadership from Coach, CEO or President and board off the field.
  • Come out and strongly hold people accountable. Never happens and hence a culture of mediocrity just grows.



I wish there were more people like Ben in charge of our football club . It would be good to have someone with some real passion for the success of our once great club .


That’s brilliant

Who cares if anyone from essendon supposedly reads this forum its sort of more insulting if they read everything here and continue to change nothing.

ShUt Up gLoOmEr1!


“It’s the 3rd game of the season and I want it to finish already”! Sums it up perfectly


Then let’s drive this outcome.

We could easily run a poll on Blitz to determine a single successful charity and pledge the dollar value of this years membership fee to that charity.

Then keep tabs of the actual donations and tally how many funds we’ve successful boycotted from the club.

This isnt some pathetic “look at us” approach. It’s a viable option to the club is forced to take us seriously.

Over the next few years every club will be financially challenged with Covid. Even X and his corporate balls loving pals will be up against making serious money in sponsorship etc.

So let’s make it clearly apparent that we won’t be back on in 2022 unless the club publically denounces comments such as the ■■■■ poor excuse just made by Woosha and 16 years of “learnings”.

■■■■ them!! We are the club. Every one of us emotional passionate idiots who show up on this forum everyday begging for a sign of change.


We are always injury depleted.
EVERY Year we are injury depleted.
We NEVER have a strong team on the ground.
We NEVER have our strong 22 playing consistently.
When we win, we NEVER dominate.
YEAR after YEAR we are a mess and a rabble.