Andrew Lovett - seems to be a recurring theme


Extremely poor form and he has runs on the board already in this department. Nothing excuses hitting a woman. Ever!


Did that piece of ■■■■ Nick Stevens end up doing time for bashing his girlfriend?

I remember he was challenging the sentence at one stage.


“Stay Justin. Staaay”

Quick, get the [email protected] outta there missy.

I laugh awkwardly, but man how bad is ice…


Justin Murphy played in our last winning final


Wow. That long ago.

No-one deserves to be caught in the grasps of that crap. I genuinely hope he’s in a better place.

Ps- [email protected] Carlton


He served 3 months imprisonment, with another 3 months suspended and was then released on a 12 month Community Corrections Order,

He was back in court at the start of Nov for a perjury charge relating to that case as well and has a committal hearing booked for some stage in the New Year.


Between these guys and Sylvia they’re really giving men and footballers a bad name. Terrible behaviour.


Hopefully he goes back.


Andrew Lovett who by a fortune of fate luckily missed the Essendon drugs scandal by only 5 years…


AFL players are not a patch on the trouble NRL players find during and post career.


Murphy won best finals player for us that year too


Murphy and Alan both had good years in 2004.


6 months for causing a finger to have to be amputated? WTF!?! Seriously we have some major issues in this country.


It’s Victoria. We are soft as ■■■■ with sentencing, even more so towards women.


I was in our local Magistrates Court. Young girl maybe 18 or 19, severely pregnant, with broken arm, clear bruising in her neck and a black eye. Her partner charged with assault, breaching AVO and resisting arrest. Evidence was horrendous, witness testimony scary and police description frightening.

Found guilty on all charges, previous offences mentioned including assault and AVO on same victim.

But he was mistreated as a child and psychologist report was that he was also a victim.

Magistrate gave him 12 months suspended sentence and a 12 month community service order,

Three month later she was hospitalised and lost the baby. No further charges laid.


fmd. i have no words.


FMD too. Absolute garbage system. Yes he is a victim, but the bottom line is that we need to stop him doing it again.


Attacked her with a blowtorch!? Cut his suck off. Though the way he played his footy I’m not sure if he ever had one to start with


The magistrate should be held accountable in cases like this. They are just as much to blame for allowing repeat offenders the opportunity to continue on their way. Where is the concern for the victims? Stuff understanding the criminal, protect the victims.


The Magistrate needs a rocket up his backside. That’s a disgrace.

Major problem now is, there are too many using what has happened to them as an excuse to do it someone else. Yes I know its called acting it out but; it strikes me as the same behavioural pattern as “show remorse and you’ll get a much lighter sentence” whether feeling any remorse or not.

I sure as hell can’t figure out why it is called The Justice System. Inside or outside, I’ve seen it from both sides now and both are them are foocked.