Andrew Lovett - seems to be a recurring theme

Excuse the typically p1sspoor standard of writing ('tis the Herald Scum after all…). Of all the shorter-than-they-should-have-been Essendon careers, this is the one that saddens me most of all. :sob: At his pomp he was genuinely breathtaking to watch.

What a spectacularly awful self-inflicted fall from grace… If he doesn’t already, he’s going to sit back one day and wonder what could’ve/should’ve been…


Ex-AFL star Andrew Lovett accused of terrifying attack on woman
November 25, 2017 11:54am

TROUBLED former AFL star Andrew Lovett stands accused of a terrifying attack on a woman.

The ex-Essendon player has been charged with recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault following the alleged beating in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula on August 4.

Photos of the woman’s injuries, including bruising around her neck, form part of police’s evidence.

The Sunday Herald Sun believes Lovett had been in a relationship with the woman.

Lovett, 35, was listed to face the charges in Frankston Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday but he attended, without legal representation, and successfully requested an adjournment over the counter to January.

The former Essendon star looks far different from his playing days, almost unrecognisable in a baggy black T-shirt, shorts and thongs. He had a bushy beard, and was sporting a diamond stud in his ear and a nose ring.

Lovett, played 88 games for Essendon from 2005-09, and received the best-afield medal in the 2005 Anzac Day match. After his football career ended, Lovett played in the Sunraysia League and in Darwin, until he was signed on for this year’s season with the Sorrento Sharks in the Nepean League. But in May, after just five games, he quit. Coach Nick Jewell cited personal reasons for his abrupt retirement.

“He’s got things away from football he needs to sort out,” Jewell told the Mornington Peninsula Leader.

His resignation came weeks after a supporter allegedly hurled abuse at him from the boundary.

The Sunday Herald Sun could not contact Lovett for comment.

Disgraceful human.

I love how they ignored the whole St Kilda debacle.


You think??? Nick Jewell is clearly a brain-surgeon in waiting…


I’m surprised the Sorry Saga didn’t get a mention.


I feel sad for his victims.


Lovett narrowly missed out being one of the suspended Essendon players who partook in the experimental debauchery of the drug-dungeon saga.


Yes, certainly. I’m sad for what’s become of him too - what a farked-up individual…

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Hope he has some support and he can organise the right sort of counselling support both before and after this court case. He needs it.


Amazed they only mentioned Essendon 3 times…

He was in good condition until we traded him to the Saints. Much like Jake.


Happier times, when we used to have quite a few of these guys on the list.

A snapshot of Essendon’s indigenous players in 2003 (from left) Justin Murphy, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Dean Rioli, Andrew Lovett and Adrian Wilson.Picture: News Limited

this guy, lovett, is a farking moron.


More accurate thread title.


Stop reminding me that Justin Murphy used to play for us.

You can take the Flog out of Carlton, but you can never take the Carlton out of the Flog is my sentiment regarding Murphy.

Unfortunately, this story seems to be a recurring theme for Lovett. He had issues at while still at Essendon, I believe he was charged with false imprisonment and other charges while still at Essendon when he locked an ex in his car for a period of time, then their was obviously the incident once he moved to St Kilda and now this. Obviously has a lack of respect for women.


Sad on every level.


I see what you’re getting at but I don’t pity someone who repeatedly beats up women.


Let me be EMPHATICALLY CLEAR about this - I don’t pity him at all (not sure why you even got that impression). He’s a recidivist when it comes to this, has learnt no life lessons whatsoever and is clearly a loose cannon of the highest order. I’m more sad that the football world only got a brief glimpse of his on-field talent.


Former AFL star Justin Murphy jailed for attacks on ex-girlfriend
Genevieve Alison, Herald Sun
May 18, 2017 6:45pm
FORMER AFL star Justin Murphy has been sentenced to six months in jail for a series of “evil” attacks on his ex-girlfriend, including maiming her with a blow torch.

Murphy pleaded guilty to 28 charges in the Heidelberg Magistrate’s Court today in what the magistrate called a “campaign of terror” against his former partner Jill Scott.

The former football player repeatedly stalked, robbed and threatened to kill Ms Scott, Seven News has reported.

The court heard Murphy attacked Ms Scott with a blow torch in November last year causing her to lose her middle finger as a result of the burns.

Ms Scott told Seven News she is still living with the trauma of her ordeal.

“I have flashes for life, dreams for life. I wake up screaming,” she said.

“Evil. That’s pretty much the word for it,” she said.

A police report detailed an incident in October during which Ms Scott opened her garage door to find Murphy sitting naked on the dog’s bed and grunting incoherently and rolling around.

The court was told Murphy had previously issues with the drug ice and GHB after retiring from his football career and had recently completed a 30 day drug rehabilitation program.

In sentencing Magistrate John O’Callaghan told Murphy his treatment of Ms Scott was “just appalling and unacceptable”.

“I cannot accept violence against women. I cannot accept this campaign of terror you put this lady through,” the magistrate said.

Holy ■■■■.