Another Mass Shooting, (Just Another Day) in America

This is becoming so regular, it sadly makes sense to have a generically named, “One thread to hold them all”

Yet another University comes under attack from a lone nutter with a Gun.

Who would want to live there? It’s an epidemic.

2 dead, 4 wounded in shooting at UNC Charlotte campus, officials say

Associated Press

2 minutes

Two people were killed and four injured Tuesday in a shooting Tuesday on a North Carolina university campus, prompting a lockdown and chaotic scene in North Carolina’s largest city.

UNC Charlotte issued a campus lockdown late Tuesday afternoon, saying shots had been fired.

“Shots reported near kennedy. Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately,” the university said in an alert, referring to the school’s Kennedy building on campus.

Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services Agency said on Twitter that two people were found dead at the scene, two others have life-threatening injuries and two others have injuries that are not life-threatening. They said the numbers could change.

Aerial shots from local television news outlets showed police officers running toward a building, while another view showed students running on a campus sidewalk.

The university later reported that law enforcement officers were sweeping campus buildings.

It was not immediately clear whether the victims were students or whether a suspect was in custody. School officials couldn’t be reached for immediate comment Tuesday evening.

The campus was to host a concert at the school’s football stadium.

The university has more than 26,500 students and 3,000 faculty and staff.

Thoughts and prayers, etc.


Now is not the time to discuss guns, need to grieve first. We’ll discuss the guns soon unless some other shooting occurs first and we have to grieve again.


If they’d just drop the secret service budget to protect the POTUS theyd probably beef up college security significantly

If I was a parent in America. I would be so scared to send my kids off to school each day

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Thats a pretty sad reality of what a Internet reply is to violence in the USA.


I first visited the US as soon as I turned 18 and at the time thought it was really cool who loads of guys who were into guns could head out to an abandoned quarry in Orange County & fire off their Uzis and semi autos
A few years & Columbine etc later I realise it’s a sad but accepted way of life there

I actually wonder how many more people die before they change their gun laws

It may not be in 1 or 10 years. Might take 50. But one day it’ll change. Until that day, innocent people will keep dying. And sure, itll probably keep happening (not as often though) but even if it saves ONE life, itll be worth it

Its a joke

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You’d think the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting with 20 kids between six and seven years killed would be the tipping point.

nup - not even that

It has to come from the Republicans. As it needed to come from the Liberals here.
As it had to come from the Labor party to deregister the Builders Labourers Federation.

It has to come from within, by the side of politics that’s most associated with it, to gain real traction and make it happen.


They’ve had four presidents shot in their history.

If the incoming presidents didn’t action change, then who will?

It’s a joke but the nra are that nuts deep in anyone that can make a change it’s unlikely.

It’s more likely to be agenda driven rather than one isolated incident

Plus they’d have to change all the constitution stationary. Again.

Nearly 30,000 staff + students?

Big place.

Yep, but it also reflects the NRA playbook of “Accuse them of politicising a tragedy for cheap political gain during a time of mourning”. The NRA rep in that One Nation sting video from Al Jazeera pretty much used those exact words when explaining how to deal with the response to gun violence.

“Thoughts and prayers” is the only thing that politicians are willing to offer as a result, which has become the very definition of doing absolutely nothing.

My post was a sad reflection on the pissweak response that will inevitably occur, not my opinion on gun violence.

Melbourne University in Parkville would have around the same, I reckon.

Unbelievable. Yet completely believable. We are ■■■■■■.

Listening to the aftermath of the trial of the American policeman this morning, I was staggered to learn there are on average 12,000 police shootings a year in the USA. Add to this the 1000s of civilian deaths every year from gunshot and you have to wonder how long it will take for them to even try to scale back this gun culture. If they can succeed it will be a decades long process at best.

If the sandy hook tragedy didn’t change their laws on guns, nothing ever will

Not while the NRA and firearms industry is making money out of it.

Reportedly 250,000 people in America die due to incorrect medicine every year.

Bizarre place.

Should just ban bullets, have as many guns as you want then.

Guns aren’t the problem, people are the problem.

So in a way, guns are the solution to the problem!