Anyone have any idea how to undo tickets on the membership app?

Hi all,
I’ve got two 4x game memberships this year, and on the app I accidentally selected tickets for today’s game. I’m not going to today’s game and can’t figure out how to undo this, anyone have any ideas?


If you don’t actually enter the ground, it doesn’t count.

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Ahhh okay cool thank you!!

Has anyone else had trouble booking members tickets on the Ticketmaster website to Marvel stadium. It keeps saying my membership number isn’t recognised. I’ve assumed my member number was the 7 digit number on the pack sent?

Also with the membership app when you press the game relating to tickets it seems to add a GA ticket, is there anyway to choose where you sit? Is there any map as to where the GA tickets actually are at Marvel Stadium. It’s a horrible user experience.

Also weirdly you have to press ticket for each individual rather than book them at the same time, not ideal when you have kids so the numbers are not in sequence.